10 Things You Need To Know About Burglars

Home burglars tend to be good at what they do. After all, a single misstep can land them in Chester County Prison for a while. Burglars also are typically not criminal blockheads, and they have developed a number of ways to get into your home, get your valuables, and get out. Serial burglars are good at finding the right property to burglarize at the right time.

Burglars have some of the most compelling reasons to avoid confrontation with you and your neighbors. Consequently, they have developed a number of simple tricks that they do not want you to know about. Most of the tactics burglars use to target properties may seem fairly harmless at the time. Fortunately, they are also fairly easy for homeowners to thwart.

1. An Open Door Is an Open Invitation

Simple home locks on doors and windows are one of the easiest ways to discourage daytime burglaries. As insane as it might sound, many burglars will knock on your door to see if anyone is home. If not, they can simply let themselves in. If you answer, they can ask to use the bathroom to see inside your home and target it at a different time. In another common scenario, a burglar will offer to mow your lawn or wash your car in order to gauge whether or not your home likely has items of value.

2. Burglars Have Jobs that Allow them to Scope Things Out

home security painter left aloneOften, a home burglar was already in your home. If you ever get a creepy feeling, simply tell a service provider that an emergency came up and they have to leave. The majority of homeowners have had countless interactions with different service providers. Trust your gut, and check to make sure all of the windows and doors are locked after the service provider leaves.

3. Hiding Your Jewelry and Valuables Will Not Always Work

Home burglars that bypass home door locks are exceptionally well-versed about popular hiding places. Don’t count on your valuables being safe under a mattress or inside the sock drawer. Additionally, never hide your key under the doormat or on top of the door frame. Give a trusted neighbor or relative custody of your spare key, or have advanced home door locks that give trusted housekeepers and nannies limited access.

4. Don’t Give Service People In Your Home Permission to Wander Around

It might seem rude to insist on sitting near the glass repair guy or refusing to let the delivery man use your bathroom. However, it is common for burglars to disable home locks during their day jobs. It is important to be realistic, and it is important to keep your home safe. After all, what type of professional would ask to use your bathroom rather than waiting to go to a nearby convenience store? Another tip – don’t trust all locksmiths you find online or in the phone book. Check out this article titled “Locksmith Scammers on the Internet” for tips on how to spot unlicensed or fake locksmiths.

5. Pass the “Out of Town” Test

newspapers-in-drivewayBurglars may put fliers on doors to see if a home is vacant. Remove all fliers from your door, and arrange for a neighbor to watch your home while you are gone. Make a young child’s day by offering $10 for newspaper and flier pickup service for a week. Also, arrange for the post office to keep your mail until you return. Keep a small light on while you are away to give the appearance that someone is home.

6. A Good Front Yard Indicates Valuables Inside the Home

You can garden to your heart’s delight. However, ornaments in a front yard often indicate that the home has valuables inside. Most homeowners want to keep their property nice and well-kept. Consider investing in home door locks and windows with alarm systems.

7. Show Off Your Burglar Alarm System

Burglar Alarm SignNumerous burglars do not particularly care what home they choose next. They simply want to take valuables and get away easy. A sign that clearly shows your home alarm system can be a good deterrent. Make your home look as unappealing as possible to a burglar without diminishing its curb appeal.

8. Ignore Unknown People at Your Door

One of the easiest ways to avoid making a mistake when dealing with a potential burglar is simply to ignore strangers that come to your door. Some are there for a legitimate reason, but others are there to see how easy of a target your home might be. They can see if you have any dogs, they can judge your demeanor, and they can get a quick peak inside your home. It’s better to be considered a little rude than it is to be considered the next victim of a home burglary. Keep your doors locked when you are at home to avoid an unwanted confrontation.

9. Shut Your Blinds at After Dark

Most active burglars do not stick out, and it is common for them to stroll through neighborhoods with a dog in hand. A well-lit house can give burglars the opportunity to scope different homes in a neighborhood. They can identify the easiest targets that likely have the most valuables. Additionally, there is not a lot to see from your home at night, and you probably don’t want other people looking at you while you are in your home anyway.

10. There Is No Substitute for Quality Home Locks

Some of the most popular entrances into homes include the window over the kitchen sink, the bathroom window, and the front door. Lock all of your windows and doors when you are gone and before you go to sleep. It almost never hurts to lock your front door while you are home. You can replace most items of value, but you can never replace a loved one if a burglary goes wrong. The idea of never having to lock your doors at night might seem nice, but it is not safe. Great Valley Lockshop is a factory authorized dealer for some of the biggest names in the door lock industry including Schlage, Kwikset, Corbin/Russwin, Sargent, Adams-Rite and more.

For more tips, take a look at this informative video on how to protect your home from burglars

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