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New Lock Technology: 5 High Security Locks for Homes

High Security Home Locks

The latest high tech home locks allow you to provide access to family members, service people and guests, and to track entry without needing extra keys or worrying about security. Each of these unique locks approaches the issue of access in a different way, from using a smartphone style touchpad to the one touch “magic” opening allowed by a Blue Tooth Low Energy lock. Learning more about the types of high-security locks available can help you choose the new lock that is right for your home and family.

5 High-Tech Home Security Locks to Watch

biometric-entryTouch Screen Locks

Want the security offered by your average ATM or financial PIN device? By demanding a numeric code to allow entry, touch screen locks allow only those with your personal code to enter the home. The touch screen interface is backed up by a tough deadbolt style lock and does offer key access as well. If you are tired of losing your keys or simply want a better way to secure your home (and easily change who is allowed access) then a touch screen lock will work for you. Touchscreen locks like Schlage’s line of keyless entry locks not only look high tech and stylish, they make it easy to protect your home, too.

Smartphone LockBluetooth Locks

Unlock your home via smartphone with a high-tech lock that interfaces with an app. This type of piece uses advanced encryption combined with a Bluetooth interface to protect your home. An app controlled lock is particularly helpful if you travel, have regular household staff or are showing a home, since you can provide a dedicated entry code for multiple users. Provide a one-time code that will expire at a given point or a regular code to service providers and you won’t have to worry about extra keys floating about. Some locking systems also provide the ability to allow remote access on demand; a doorbell camera allows you to see “who’s there” from wherever you are and determine if access should be granted or denied on the spot.

Bluetooth Low Energy

This technology allows your paired device to basically connect with and unlock the device from a few feet away, making it easy to access your home in a hurry. Locknetics offers a variety of locks that feature this one touch tech, combining the best of convenience and security. While you’ll enjoy the one touch convenience – you simply touch the lock with a finger (it is heat activated) and it will open, even if your linked device is in a purse or pocket. Like other modern locks, this technology allows you to create multiple users and allow multiple levels of access. This system relies on an iOS app and your smartphone; Android functionality is coming soon.

Card Access SystemRFID

Already in commercial use by the Disney Company and other large hospitality brands, RFID technology may be coming to a door near you. This technology allows you to open a lock with a single touch via radio frequency. The key can be a card, token, wristband or even a piece of jewelry; it simply needs to hold an RFID chip inside. Disney World has recently begun replacing all hotel room locks with RFID equipped bands; the bands are shipped to guests about 2 weeks before check in and work upon arrival. This product is already in use commercially and is expected to have residential applications as well.

A Little of Everything

If not all family members are on board with the idea of a smart locks, then a multi-use lock like that combines a pin pad, touchpad or key fob deadbolt could be an option. This type of innovative lock looks like an old fashioned deadbolt, but offers both traditional keyed and smart lock options. Users can enjoy key fob access (unlocking the home as you would an automobile), access via a pin-pad or simply use a key to enter the home.

No matter which lock you choose, the best way to truly protect your home and prevent unauthorized access is to have the new system installed by a professional. A professional locksmith can take a look at your home, your existing setup and your needs and come up with a solution that suits your family best. Contact Great Valley Lockshop today by calling 610-644-5334 or request a quote!

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