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Woman safely opens front door for package delivery with use of smart doorbell camera.

The Valuable Advantages of Residential Smart Doorbell Cameras

Homeowners are constantly looking for ways to make their lives easier and increase security. Smart doorbell cameras can help you do both.

It’s hard to believe, but the front door is the most common entry point for residential break-ins; 34% of burglars access homes through the front door. Thankfully technology is assisting homeowners in bringing this rate down. Smart doorbell cameras provide remote monitoring and live video of the main access point at your home. Learn more about how these high-tech gadgets work and why you should consider installing one at your house.

Introducing the Smart Doorbell Camera

Home security systems have recently adopted new technology which offers a lot of advantages for residential property owners. These devices combine the utility of a doorbell with the security of a surveillance camera. Video doorbells use integrated surveillance cameras to deliver real-time feed from the exterior of your house.

When installed next to the front door, sensors alert homeowners whenever there is motion outside or when someone rings the doorbell. Then the connected app shows live video on your computer, tablet or smartphone of who (or what) is outside.

Features of Smart Doorbell Cameras

When shopping for wireless front door cameras, the options can be overwhelming. Look for the following advanced features to ensure that you’re getting the best product for your home and family:

  • HD video feed,
  • Wi-Fi connection,
  • Two-way audio,
  • Motion detection with customizable motion zones,
  • Wide-angle camera lens,
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant casing,
  • Full-color night vision capability,
  • Live video footage that can be viewed from any smart device,
  • Compatibility with your computer and smartphone operating system.

Best Wi-Fi Doorbell Cameras on the Market

Here are the most popular and most highly recommended doorbell security cameras currently available:

Check out the 10 best smart doorbell devices for your home.

Advantages of Smart Doorbell Cameras

Smart doorbell cameras are easy to use, have many convenient features and provide a higher level of security around a residential property. For all of the advantages provided, these wireless video devices are highly affordable and cost-effective. Consider these specific benefits of adding a wireless video device at your home.

Deterring Burglaries

Smart doorbell cameras make any house a difficult target. Thieves are less likely to break into houses with security cameras. When buglers spot a doorbell camera, they know that footage can be used to catch and prosecute them for the crime.

Do you live in one of the 10 Most Burglarized Cities in Pennsylvania? Maybe it’s time to boost security at your home.

Providing Evidence

Footage from a wireless doorbell camera can be key evidence in a number of cases. Police investigators often use recorded security footage to protect citizens and make important arrests. In the case of theft, burglary, or vandalism front door videos can be proof of a crime and helpful when filing valuable homeowner’s insurance claims. Even if the doorbell camera is damaged or stolen, the mobile app will record and store video evidence leading up to the crime.

Video images can help identify an intruder or the perpetrator of a crime in your neighborhood. Be sure that the camera is mounted so that the lens captures the facial features of someone approaching the door, as well as activity on the street or driveway.

Monitoring Traffic

Homeowners love the convenience of smart doorbell cameras. They can keep track of everyone accessing the house, including cleaners or repair service staff. Parents often use these video devices to check in on children coming home from school or verify the arrival of the babysitter. You can make sure they arrive safely and communicate with them via the two-way audio feature.

Tracking Deliveries

Wireless doorbell cameras take the guesswork out of home deliveries. You will be notified when the delivery service arrives or when a package is left at your front door.

New integrated services can take this task to the next level. For example, Amazon Key Home Kit utilizes smart locks to enable safe in-home package delivery and remote delivery monitoring while you’re away.

Screening Visitors

Smart doorbell video devices help you to screen for strangers or unsolicited sales representatives. The Wi-Fi camera shows you who is on the doorstep. So, you can effectively avoid the annoyance and security threat of opening the door for unwanted visitors. It can also be used by older children and teenagers to screen visitors while they’re home alone.

Increasing the Value of a House

Home buyers are always more interested in real estate that has integrated technology and home security equipment. Installing a smart doorbell camera could help increase the resale value of your house. Adding this device may also help secure a lower price for a residential insurance policy.

Integrating into Home Security Systems

Rest easier. The live view provided from your front door adds an extra level of safety to any residential security system. The doorbell cam will monitor and record motion while you are away and asleep. You can be notified of activity and check what’s going on around your property without stepping outside. We recommend using it in addition to other security and surveillance cameras mounted around the property.

The wireless video equipment can be integrated into a traditional system or a voice-automated smart home system, such as Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Home.

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Smart Homeowners Invest in Smart Home Security

You and your family can benefit from the convince and increased security that smart technology offers. For more information on smart locks, and other advanced security solutions for commercial and residential buildings, call Great Valley Lockshop at (610) 644-5334 or get a free quote using the quick online form.

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