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Battery Powered Door Locks

Battery-Powered Locks

From simple electronic locks to computer-managed standalones and hardwired or wireless technology, there are a variety of control access systems with battery powered door locks. Safety and ease of use are some of the hallmarks of these control access systems. And new technology is taking locking systems to a whole new level. Whether or not to install a networked system or standalone system depends on the circumstances. Typically, a networked system is easier to install when a facility is being constructed, as it entails wiring. If you’re upgrading your existing access system, a wireless system or standalone door system is a smarter choice, as it’s more cost-effective for the retrofit.

Programmable Electronic Locks

Programmable electronic locks are the most economical solution and a good choice for those on a limited budget. It’s an ideal solution for companies with a limited number of users and access points and a step above traditional push-button locks and metal keys. These locks are micro-processor based, standalones and battery powered locks. When the authorized code is entered, the lever gives way. It wards away vandals and others trying to break in. Ramp up security with these locking systems. These new generation locking systems can be programmed right at the keypad with up to 120 individual user codes. It’s also easy to delete users and can be used for a variety of doors and latches. Programmable electronic locks are a common migration from mechanical key systems to a fully electronic access system.

Computer-Managed Locking Systems

Another intelligent migration from mechanical key systems is computer-managed locking systems. These programmable, standalone and battery-powered locks are networked through software and provide tracking and real-time based scheduling for restricted access. Fob usage is assigned through software and can be tracked. Typically, tracking is usually accessed if there’s an issue with a specific unit or a check needs to be done on a maintenance visit. Computer-managed locking systems are easy to retrofit and support a variety of credentials, including PIN codes, biometrics, iButtons and magnetic stripe cards. Its intuitive software takes care of everything, including the adding or deleting of users, access points and access privileges. Without a doubt, computer-managed locking systems are smart.

Hardwire Locking Systems

Hardwire systems have an open architectural that connects door locks to a panel interface board to any access. Door openings can be monitored with the company’s own access control panels. Users access entry with proximity cards or magnetic stripe cards. The control panel maintains control of the lock status and status identification. Monitoring is captured a remote monitoring station. The benefit of hardwire locking systems is having a network system without the associated costs.

Going Wireless

Wireless locking systems are another option for total integrated access control. These systems use less hardware and are fast to install. As a matter, installation generally takes just 10 minutes. There are wireless solutions for doors, gates, elevators and other exit devices. Plus, it’s easy to integrate these systems with existing access controls, and customers or patrons can continue to use their already existing ID credentials and keys.

Beyond cost and security, some facilities are regulated by local and other agencies. It’s important to consult with an expert before implementing a new access control system. With their guidance, you can create the perfect access control system for your company today and tomorrow.

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