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The Benefits of Hollow Metal Doors

If you’re currently considering a secure commercial installment, you should consider a few factors. Ensuring aesthetically pleasing, secure and durable doors is important, as is managing various options to ensure the perfect fit. Hollow metal doors provide a slew of benefits, and each denotes the option’s sustainability, ease-of-application and overall protection. Below, we cover the biggest benefits of hollow metal doors, covering each aspect of your commercial facility’s needed special requirements, security coverage and accessibility:

Benefit One: Structural Security

Hollow metal doors are superior security investments. For this reason, contemporary facilities frequently install them at every major access. Financial institutions, retail establishments, educational facilities, governmental buildings and manufacturing plants all carry valuable materials. To ensure long-term security, owning operators frequently propose the installment of hollow metal installations.

Hollow metal products are frequently fabricated to repel the impacts of fire arms, fire and explosives. While blocking a force isn’t always possible, the hollow metal door’s divided design greatly mitigates structural damage. Great Valley Lockshop has taken care to provide the perfect combination of performance and durability to ensure security is upheld.

Benefit Two: Design Freedom

Design freedom, too, is an important factor to consider. Every facility is different, and each carries its own structural needs. Hollow metal doors and adjoining frames can be installed anywhere, including the following areas:

Hospital rooms
Military barracks
Industrial buildings
Convention centers

Ultimate design flexibility makes hollow metal doors a return option for many institutions. Their construction, relatively easy to conduct, similarly carries a low cost. Institutions may be installed in high numbers, providing a large degree of design freedom to business owners and architects.

Benefit Three: Aesthetics

Hollow metal doors promote stylistic cohesion with an array of visual benefits. New technology has redesigned age-old hollow metal door looks, mimicking the look and texture of several materials. Each product varies in look based upon an establishment’s needed design. Of course, no room is the same. Entryways, cargo bays, office spaces and living quarters all deserve individual design components, and your hollow metal door provider fully recognizes the importance of scenic immersion.

Benefit Four: Long-Lasting Materials

Hollow metal doors are frequently chosen due to their incredibly sustainability. They resist the environmental damages of humidity, heat and cold. Additionally, their incredible construction process diminishes water-based damages. Delamination and warping are never factors, and hollow metal products are incredibly easy to maintain for year-round use. Operation is a priority of many hollow metal door designers, and Great Valley Lockshop ensures repeat use by offering ageless designs.

Benefit Five: Lightweight Design

While hollow metal doors are chiefly loved for their security, they’re incredibly easy to access due to a modernized, lightweight design formula. Too many facilities feature uncomfortably heavy door designs, designs which do not implement a well-separated hollow construction. Perfected to provide ease-of-access, hollow metal doors reduce excess weight, ensuring an incredibly intuitive design while remaining easy on the hands.

Benefit Six: Insulation

Structural integrity isn’t the only building-wide benefit hollow metal doors provide. Insulation is incredibly important for service industries, creating sealed environments not affected by averse weather. A hollow metal product’s internal spaces insulate an entryway, creating a “buffer” against harsh winds, snowfall, intense sun and even catastrophic weather. For this reason, many indoor-outdoor facilities utilize hollow metal doors to ensure a well-protected, comfortable interior environment. A lot of commercial property owners elect to carry an all-hollow door design, so as to protect electronics, food and other valuable resources subjected to temperature changes.

Benefit Seven: Damage Reduction

When a hollow metal door is impacted by force, its absorbent qualities protect surrounding structures. Whereas thick-metal doors can warp, and even break, a doorframe, a hollow metal product disperses force upon impact. While not a daily consideration, force dispersion is still important to consider. Likely, a business’s ability to remain operational revolves around its ability to “segment” damages. When a hollow metal door is damaged, it takes a majority of the impact.

The hollow metal door’s versatility, durability and long-lasting design make it an excellent choice among many business providers. If you’re interested in viewing hollow metal options, consider one of the many available at Great Valley Lockshop. Call us today at 610-644-5334 or request a quote to help protect your business, secure your investments and prioritize defense today.

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