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Security Advancements: Why You Should Ask Your Locksmith About Bluetooth Padlocks

Bluetooth Padlocks

Whether it’s for safeguarding a locker at the gym, a storage unit, filing cabinet, school locker, yard shed or something else, padlocks are one of the most popular lock styles that are utilized for multiple applications on a day-to-day basis. Generally speaking, padlocks are pretty simple. They’re composed of a body, locking mechanism and then the shackle that loops through the item or handle that is being secured by the lock.

Padlocks first made their way onto the market way back in the 1920s, and today they’re still used for a variety of different purposes, many that we’ve outlined above. But today’s next-generation padlocks look a lot different than the ones that were available back then. Yes, while it is still possible to purchase a simple padlock that’s locking mechanism is activated either via key or entered combination, today’s padlocks have gone high-tech.

Much as how the Internet has revolutionized many other types of technologies (including lock technologies), the Internet of Things has also helped moved padlock technology – and security – forward. This post will take a closer look at Bluetooth padlocks.

What Are Bluetooth Padlocks?

Unlike conventional padlocks, Bluetooth ones don’t require any combinations to access. They also don’t work with keys.

So just how do they work? They integrate with your smartphone, and all you need to do is download an app to facilitate the functionality and ensure that your phone’s Bluetooth is switched to “on” in the settings.

The big advantage of Bluetooth padlocks is the convenience factor. Instead of fumbling for a key or struggling to remember a combination, all you need to do is pull up the app and proceed accordingly for access. This convenience alone is huge, especially in today’s world where consumers seemingly need a different password for every single banking website, social media platform and more.

Also, Bluetooth padlocks are applicable for all of the usual padlock applications that we outlined at the start of this post. That’s because they come in a variety of different styles, from weather-resistant models to those intended for indoor purposes to those that offer longer battery life than conventional ones.

How Do Bluetooth Padlocks Work?

Bluetooth padlocks work in the same fashion that other Bluetooth-enabled devices do. Simply put, you just need to have your smartphone turned on, and you need the Bluetooth feature also activated. From this, you will need to follow the manufacturer instructions pertaining to what specific app that you need to download to work with the padlock. Once you have downloaded the app, just open it and follow the prompts to set up the lock.

Though padlock access is largely dependent on the type of padlock that you’ve purchased, there are a few general ways that users can gain access to the lock:

  • Touch: One of the most popular ways that users arrange Bluetooth padlock access is through touch. When this is set, all the user will have to do is touch a special icon or area of the padlock for it to open when their smartphone with the respective app on it is within a few feet of the lock itself.
  • Phone: Another common setting is for the lock to work when the user touches a button on their smartphone when within a few feet of the lock itself. On some locks, access will be granted even if the phone is not in the near vicinity, thereby allowing users to grant guest access when it is warranted.
  • Touch and passcode: To enhance the security settings, some more advanced Bluetooth locks have both touch and passcode access. That is, the smartphone with the app will need to be within a few feet of the lock and the user will have to enter an access code on the lock itself for it to open. While these types of Bluetooth locks enhance security, they may take away from the convenience of a Bluetooth lock.

It’s also worth noting that though Bluetooth padlocks work based on a smartphone app, most have some sort of a backup access method in case the phone battery is depleted at the time that access is needed.


One of the great things about Bluetooth padlocks is that they can be monitored in real-time from the associated app at any time that you would like. It’s similar to how you can monitor smart locks on the main entry doors to your home or business – you can do it 24/7, checking in on the status of the lock at any time you please.

Just as how many smart locks permit users to allow access to others, many Bluetooth padlocks also permit this type of guest access as well. Many of the apps that these Bluetooth padlocks integrate with will also send alerts to users if any tampering or unusual activity is detected around the lock, a key security enhancement when compared to conventional padlocks.

In summary, Bluetooth padlocks are increasing in popularity because they’re proving to be more convenient and more secure than conventional ones. Rather than utilize a key or a combination, they can be activated with the push of a button. And being that many are designed to be secure, and the apps that they integrate with are designed to alert users when there are signs of unusual activity detected, users can rest assured that whatever it is they’re safeguarding will remain more secure.

So ask your locksmith about Bluetooth padlocks today. Chances are that once you make the switch, you’ll be so hooked that you’ll never turn back.

For more information on Bluetooth padlocks, their security features and how they can present a safe, convenient solution, contact the professionals at Great Valley Lockshop at 610-644-5334.


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