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Building Access Control System

Are the Days of Key-and-lock Systems Over?

Will Access Control Systems Replace The Lock and Key?

Workplace security has always been important to businesses in Chester County PA, but these days it seems a topic of constant discussion. Fortunately, technological advances have made it possible for companies both big and small to implement safe and convenient building access control systems. These systems can perform a greater number of tasks than just your standard lock-and-key setup, which results in a safer work environment for all.

What is an Access Control System?

Access control entails a multi-faceted approach to real-life security concerns. Traditional security methods typically begin and end with the front door of a building, which has limited results for a business. Once a person has gained entry to a workplace, less advanced security solutions are of little use to keeping individual rooms safe and secure.

Access control can offer those tasked with securing a way to monitor the movements of every person within a building at a given time. Multiple components are necessary to accomplish this, such as biometric scanners, or card readers outfitted to rooms of high importance.

While just about every industry can make use of such enhanced security measures, highly-trafficked establishments, as well as those containing a number of restricted areas, are of particular concern. In this respect, access control is an ideal way to maintain rigorous security standards throughout a building.

Various types of proximity readers for access control systems.

Elements of Access Control

As technology advances, so do the components that comprise a dependable security system. While these components work well when used independently, when used in conjunction they can create an optimum security environment in just about every circumstance. The following are just a few of the common elements found in many high-tech security systems:

Biometric Entry

Biometric entry utilizes specific physical data to keep workspaces off limits to those lacking the proper credentials. These devices typically involve a fingerprint scanner, which renders it all but impossible for unauthorized visitors to gain entry.

Card Access

For those seeking more convenient door access control systems, installing a card access device can greatly improve office entry. In addition to being far more expedient than keyed setups, card access provides security personnel with information related to who’s in the building at that time, while also affording the ability to deny access of a previously authorized individual.

Electronic Keypad Locks

Keypads can also feature in an enhanced security system. These setups tend to be less expensive than other options, while also providing tightened security in the areas where it’s needed most. Smaller businesses also have the option of utilizing manual keypad locks, which are much easier to install and maintain than electronic varieties.


Intercoms make a great supplementary feature to the above systems. With a reliable intercom in place, visitor identity can be verified before entry is allowed. This is especially important for front desk workers, who must greet visitors on a daily basis.

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System Integration Is a Key Feature of Access Control

Another exciting aspect of this enhanced technology is the ability to integrate systems into one cohesive unit. While stand-alone technology provides a far better security profile than a standard lock-and-key configuration, enabling communication between these devices can open up a whole new world when it comes to security measures.

By integrating access control devices, building managers and security personnel can better identify vulnerabilities in their systems. This is particularly important for highly-secure workplaces, where an enhanced level of security is crucial for both maintaining safety, as well as keeping sensitive information out of the wrong hands.

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Corporate Security Protects Information & People

The well-being of a company’s workers should be of utmost concern to every employer. This entails maintaining a comprehensive security program that prevents unauthorized visitors from gaining access to the workplace. Unfortunately, some environments can be targets for a slew of nefarious behavior, particularly governmental buildings, as well as higher-profile corporations that regularly attract media attention.

All points of entry into a building can be outfitted with access control systems, thereby reducing the likelihood that an intruder could enter a workplace without being noticed. While security personnel are essential to maintaining a safe environment, these systems add a fool-proof layer of security that can greatly lessen any instances of human error.

In addition to maintaining this physical safety, protecting sensitive information must also feature greatly in security measures. A breach of information can cost a company untold amounts of money, as well as incurring quite a bit of negative publicity. These occurrences can have far-reaching effects, sometimes even resulting in the end of a business.

With a high-tech security system in place, sensitive materials can be kept in secure locations requiring approved credentials to gain entry. Additionally, if a breach does occur, security managers can check access logs to identify any responsible parties. Some systems even allow for scheduled entry, which can prove convenient for busier workplaces with a high volume of employees.

More Than Just Security

Access control devices have the ability to serve a variety of purposes in addition to simply keeping a workplace secure. One possible feature entails keeping track of employee attendance using the most up-to-date methods imaginable.

Though punch cards easily allow employees to clock in and out, continued use of these arcane devices will result in many lost opportunities. Conversely, electronic systems can collect a variety of attendance data, including time spent at work, the amount of overtime hours accrued, and even information related to employee tardiness.

This data can prove useful for employee reviews, as well as in situations involving workplace disputes. In some instances, security devices (such as scanners and keypads) can be accessed through computers or mobile devices, which enables easy dissemination of pertinent info. This allows all involved departments to be privy to an employee’s attendance record, which in turn creates a more efficient process overall.

The Future of Security Begins Here

No matter the security plan in question, clients are best served by those companies with the experience and ability necessary to perform tasks both large and small. Great Valley Lockshop is one such company that makes customer satisfaction a top priority, no matter the request.

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