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Commercial Door Openers: Technology, Features and Safety

Commercial garage openers are used much more frequently than residential openers and need to be stronger and more durable. And with the combination of today’s advanced technology, features and safety, there are many solutions to meet your specific automatic door operator applications. Commercial door openers come in different varieties with different purposes.

Jackshift Operators

Jackshift operators have motors that power a chain and gear to roll open the door. Often, these openers are used with rolling grilles, rolling doors and light to heavy industrial-duty shutters. With the enabled connectivity of a smartphone, computer or tablet, these openers can be monitored and controlled for greater peace of mind. Dual voltage connections increase user-flexibility with a choice of required voltage to meet onsite job requirements. Adjustable friction clutch protects the opener and door if the door meets an obstruction. Many of these operators also feature a control function selector dial for easy programming of wiring types to meet end-user needs. For safety and security, jackshift operators are equipped with external monitored entrapment protection. Doors are also closed automatically after a predetermined period of time for added security. Some even send a new code to the operator each time it’s used.

Hoist Operators

Hoist operators are also a good fit for heavy to light industrial applications. Like jackshift door openers, these operators have a motor that powers a chain to hoist the door open. Hoist operators are used with rolling doors that have a high clearance and come in medium to heavy industrial-strength. The H-style operators include a floor level chain hoist to make manual operation easy in a power outage or emergency. Secure and monitor your facility via a tablet, smartphone or computer. Even receive pop-up notifications or emails regarding the status of your commercial door. Delay on reverse circuits prevents abrupt reversal of door and prevents wear. These operators are preset to C2 wiring to provide momentary open and stop. They also feature dual voltage connections, control function selector dials and external monitored entrapment protection to meet the requirements of UL 325.

Trolley Operators

These commercial openers pull the door open by gliding on a rail and work best with sectional doors. Connectivity features include monitoring and controlling the opener via smartphone, tablet or computer. Alerts can also be received for status of the doors. Trolley operators offer great performance with dual voltage connections, continuous starting torque motor, maximum run timer, control station and control function selector dial. They also meet the UL 325 requirement of constant pressure and disconnects the operator for manual lifting in an emergency.

Slide Operators

Slide operators are much like trolley operators, only are more heavy-duty. These openers come in industrial, heavy strength and are used with fire doors, bi-parting doors and single doors. Like jackshift, hoist and trolley operators, you can stay connected to the status of your commercial doors using a computer, smartphone or tablet. Today’s commercial door openers are all about connectivity. Experience the same great performance as the other commercial door opener types with control station, maintenance alert system, pre-programmed positions, heavy duty steel frame, dual voltage connections and control function selector dial. Slide operators also meet UL 325 requirements.

The purpose of commercial door openers is to provide an integrated door system to make operations safe, efficient and convenient on a daily basis. You can find a full line of commercial openers that are specifically designed for integral applications for your facility, including retrofit applications and new construction applications. And with today’s state-of-the-art performance features, commercial door openers are easily installed and offer hassle-free operation. Even choose optional accessories to enhance the operation of your facility like safety beams and radio transmitters.

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