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Is Your Business Property as Secure as it Should be?

Most business owners, both small and large, want to protect their investment and hard work by incorporating various security devices throughout their property.  From cyber hacking to thieves and burglars, business owners should be constantly aware of new and updated security systems to give them the maximum amount of security possible.  If it has been a while before you’ve updated your businesses security system, including commercial locksmith services, here are a few things that you may want to check for in order to determine whether or not you are properly secured.

  1. Develop a Strict Policy for Social Media Usage at Work

If your company computers allow employees to access their social media accounts while at work, you may want to consider changing it.  Social media websites are a quick way to distribute important information.  Keep in mind that once the information has left the building, it may be gone forever. You could either block access to social media websites altogether or limit the time and place employees are able to use it.

  1. Install a Secure Deadbolt

When properly installed, a deadbolt can be the perfect way to keep headstrong intruders out of your space.  Make sure that you check with an expert to ensure you buy the right kind of deadbolt for your door.  Commercial locksmith services are able to help you determine which type of lock will maximize the security of your space.

  1. Check and Change Locks Regularly

Checking your locks regularly will allow you to see if they have been tampered with or broken.  Quality lock repair can be performed by an experienced local locksmith.  You may also want to ask about changing your locks regularly, especially if you have multiple managers who have keys and access to secured product and money.

  1. Invest in a Security System

There are many new and improved security surveillance systems available that will allow you to keep an eye on your property once you have left for the day, as well as during operating hours.  While some system simply catch video recording that can be played back at another time, IP systems give the owner and managers the ability to access live feed through the internet.

  1. Keep an Eye on Employee Theft

Not only are burglaries a concern for any business, owners should consider the possibility of employee theft as well.  A surprising amount of theft takes place from those who are trusted with the responsibility of handling product or money.  Most of these deceptions are caught on video camera, which also gives the evidence needed to press charges.

  1. Take a Look at the Latest Locks Available

There are many benefits of installing brand new, top-of-the-line locks at your business, including:

  • New locks may allow you to save money on your small business insurance.
  • The latest technology, such as keyless commercial locks, offer many convenient advantages.
  • You can write off the cost of the new locks on your taxes as safety improvements to your business.
  • You can feel assured that your business is being protected by the latest innovations in lock technology.
  • You won’t need to come up with lock repair expenses as often, as newer locks are more durable than their previous counterparts.

Refer to our Security Checklist for New Business Owners.

  1. Team up With an Expert

Hiring a commercial locksmith service like Great Valley Lockshop is a great way to secure your business. Not only do they know the latest in security devices, but they are able to match your particular door system and business type to the kind of lock you will need. Establishing a good relationship with the lock repair specialist will ensure years of knowledgeable help with your commercial lock system.

Keeping your business safe from intruders may be one of your most important priorities.  You will certainly be thankful for the investment you’ve made in a brand new commercial lock.

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