Commercial Locksmith Rekey

Our Work: Large Commercial Rekey Project

Commercial Locksmith Rekey
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Project Spotlight

Large Rekey Project for a Global Pharmaceutical Firm


Bridgewater, NJ

Security Concerns

Great Valley Lockshop (GVL) was called to bid on a large rekey project
for a global pharmaceutical research company in 2007. This company,
located in Malvern, Pennsylvania had been a customer of GVL since
1987 and had recently acquired a new building in Bridgewater, New
Jersey. Due to changes in ownership and lack of a correct key control
system, the customer had no control of their master key system in the
new building.

Winning Bidder

GVL, working with lock manufacturer Schlage, completed a site survey of
every door in the building that had a lock. More than 2300 locks were
counted and included in the bid on a per unit basis. Although bidding
against local locksmiths located in New Jersey and Bridgewater
specifically, GVL was able to win the bid, which was more than $500,000.


Due to the quantity of doors in this new building, GVL was unable to
match the model of the keying system used in this Malvern,
Pennsylvania office. As a solution to this problem, GVL Locksmith’s
were able to reverse engineer the current keying system in the new
building and develop 2 different master key systems. To keep costs
down, GVL replaced the locks in “normal” offices with a “restricted” type
of key cylinder. For administration and secure offices, GVL replaced the
entire lock on each door with a patented, high security Schlage Primus
Restricted keyway system. These new key systems were designed to
accommodate expansion in the future and included 4 keys with each
lock. These 4 keys ensured management would not have to worry
about making copies for keys for years to come.


After receiving the factory order in December 2007, GVL was able to
start installing the locks in January 2008. This process of replacing 2300
locks took two locksmiths working two days per week for 4 months.
The project was complete in April 2008, ahead of schedule and
$50,000.00 under budget

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