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Door Latch Locks

Door Latch Locks 101

In the most simple of terms, a latch is nothing more than a mechanism that joins two or more objects or surfaces together, while also enabling the eventual separation of the two objects or surfaces. If you think for a moment about some of the areas that you come across every day, you’ll likely be able to recall several latches. Generally speaking, they range in complexity and materials that they’re constructed from. Some latch locks come as a one-piece flat spring, consisting of a metal or plastic makeup. Others are blow molded and possibly used to keep the likes of tool boxes or small appliances closed. Multi-point cammed latches are another type, typically used to keep large, heavy doors closed.

Latches aren’t the same as the locking mechanisms found on doors or windows, although they’re often thought of as one. And now that we’ve gone over some of the basics of latch locks, we’ll take a closer look at some specific ones that pertain to doors. You can contact your residential locksmith today for more information or to schedule an appointment to have these mechanisms installed or serviced:

Door Latch Locks 101: Common Types

Deadbolt Latch

One of the most common types of door latch locks in commercial and residential settings, a deadbolt lock typically consists of a single-throw bolt that can be engaged into the strike plate only after the door is completely closed. One of the big benefits of this locking mechanism is that the bolt is usually not retracted by force, enhancing the security of the facility that it is working to protect.

Spring Latches

Spring latches come in three styles: Latchbolts, deadlocking latch bolts and spring bolt locks.

Latch Bolts

Like the deadbolt latches that we mentioned above, latch bolts are very common. Usually part of a lockset, latch bolts come spring-loaded on an angled edge, which engages the lip of a strike plate when a door is closed, thereby permitting the bolt to retract. When the door is closed, the bolt goes into the strike plate, ensuring that it stays closed, only to be disengaged when the door handle is turned.

Deadlocking latch bolts

Deadlocking latch bolts include guard bolts and work together to prevent any movement of the latch bolt. For instance, when a door closes, both bolts retract and the deadbolt latch bolt enters the strike plate. The strike plate also holds the guard bolt, thereby reducing the risk that the lock itself can be picked with a credit card or some other type of lock picking kit.

Spring bolt lock

Spring bolt locks are simply just locking mechanisms that often accompany a latch bolt.

Slam Latch

Fitting to the name, these types of latches activate after a door is shut, or slammed, and work to keep the door closed.

Other types of latches include Cam Locks, Norfolk Latches, Suffolk Latches, Crossbars, Cabin Hooks and Bolt Lock Latches. While all have various applications that they thrive in, they’re generally less common than the others that are mentioned on this list.

As we mentioned in the opening, door latch locks come in a variety of different materials, ranging from steel and aluminum to plastic. They are available for a variety of door thicknesses and most look good, are versatile and are fairly easy to install. But in the case that you need door latch lock installation assistance or servicing, your local locksmith can help you.

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