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Top 10 Funny Door Lock Ideas

funny door locks

The world is an interesting place with some interesting things in it. Believe it or not, some of these interesting things are locks. You might not think of locks as very intriguing. They are usually quite mundane items. However, the people behind the following locks have proven that locks can be funny, terrible, and just plain weird in certain cases. Here are the top funny and/or worst locks we could find on the Internet.

The Cartoon Door Lock

Some people are just plain creative. These side-by-side door locks incorporate the locks themselves with a couple of entertaining cartoons that make locking and unlocking the doors an adventure. While there’s nothing inherently special or unusual about the locks themselves, the cartoons make them brilliant comedic masterpieces.


The Door Lock for Drunks

By opening up the top part of the lock and creating a funnel from there to the keyhole, drunk people will always be able to get their key in their lock. While this may not be a market-ready product, it probably should be. There would be a lot less people sleeping it off on their front door steps if this lock were a real thing.


The Labyrinth Lock

This lock is perfect for those times when you need a mental challenge to stimulate your creativity, or when you need to meditate to center yourself by going slowly through the intricacies of a labyrinth. Just make sure you don’t need to get into your house right away when using this kind of lock.


The “Are You Sure This Works?” Lock

The way this old lock is put together, it’s difficult to tell if it’s a real one or just for show. While the traditional latch lock at the top is normal enough, the key lock with the doorknob on the same piece of wood right below it gives some definite confusion to anyone who encounters it.



The Medieval Warfare Lock

This lock combines the modern security of a traditional deadbolt lock with the medieval efficiency of a wooden door barricade. If you are expecting an invasion of a hoard of Huns, this door lock may be ideal for you, but we’re not sure about anyone else.


The Removable Lock

It’s not exactly clear just how much good this lock is going to do.If you can remove the lock from the car, then surely burglars can do it, too. And why would you want to remove the lock on your door, anyway? It doesn’t make sense, unless you want someone to steal your car or the contents of it). Maybe this lock is meant to make it easier for burglars to do their jobs. People have to work, after all.


The Bad DIY Lock

Whoever came up with this modified lock was just plain wrong. The real lock on the door obviously doesn’t work. So what’s an enterprising person supposed to do to keep their house and belongings safe? They invent a lock, that’s what they do! This chain attached to a door stopper and looped with a metal ring around the doorknob is not going to stop anyone from getting into the house, we’re sorry to say. The person who made it gets points for trying, though.

The College Lock

This looks like college ingenuity at its best. What is a person supposed to do when the chain on their college dorm or off-campus apartment door lock disappears? Why, simply stick a fork in it, naturally! While this lock gets a “C” for creativity, a fork isn’t going to keep a burglar at bay for long. Those things bend far too easily to be effective barricades.


The “No. Just No.” Lock

There is no universe in which this lock is going to be effective. If the person who did this put even minimal thought into it, they would have realized that they’d be just as secure by having no lock at all. In the absence of a real lock (or doorknob, apparently), the owner of this door decided to drill a hole through it and the wall next to it. Then, they looped what looked like a TV cable through both holes, connecting the door to the wall, and screwed one end of the cable into the other. Presumably, they can unscrew it to unlock the door, then screw it back to lock it when they leave the house or when they’re at home. What they probably didn’t realize is that anyone can pull that cable through the holes to access the screws on the cable and enter the house….they’re not the only ones with that ability.


There are some really weird locks in the world. Some of them are real and some are the products of very vivid imaginations. Either way, it’s amusing to see what people will do to secure their belongings in the absence of having good locks (or in the interest of being creative). The best thing, of course, is to get a professionally installed, high grade lock on your door. It doesn’t cost as much as you think, and it will provide the security these improvised and imagined locks do not. When it comes to locks, don’t play around. There is no substitute for a real one.

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