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Z Wave Technology

How Smart Locks Work with Z-Wave Technology

It seems like the age of the Jetsons has arrived. Smart home automation is here to stay. As smart home networks and devices, including smart locks, become more widely used, it’s important to understand the advantages of the various options available. Z-Wave technology is hailed as a low-power alternative to Wi-Fi systems and a longer range system than Bluetooth.

You’ve probably read a lot about smart home automation lately. But a lot of people haven’t yet heard about Z-Wave. Let’s take a closer look at how Z-Wave works with smart home systems. Then, we’ll go over the advantages and product range. Finally, we review Z-Wave integration with smart locks.

How Z-Wave Technology Operates with Smart Home Systems

Smart home systems are rapidly gaining in popularity. In a smart home, you can manage and program security cameras, smart locks, lights and thermostats, among other things. By downloading a smart home app, you can control multiple devices and appliances around the house from your phone, tablet, computer or voice command.

Many of these systems function by using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect to a centralized hub. Z-Wave is different because devices are able to link to each other forming a mesh network. The concept was born about 10 years ago in Denmark and it’s based on what’s called “source-routed mesh network topology.” The network has a single central hub which connects to the internet, but all of the individual devices connect via a low-energy radio frequency. Devices installed on the network – sensors, light bulbs, smart locks, etc. – essentially become signal repeaters. In this way, adding more devices actually makes the network stronger.

One of the main reasons smart homeowners choose Z-Wave systems is because the devices communicate on a different frequency so as to avoid any interference with the Wi-Fi network. Plus, the mesh network technology enables the signal to travel from one device to another. Not only does the signal get strong with the number of connected devices, but Z-Wave signals easily pass through most walls, ceilings and flooring materials. The result is uninterrupted connectivity throughout the home.

The range for a Z-Wave device is more than 300 feet, although it’s recommended to keep them within 30 feet of each other for best results. The Z-Wave network can handle up to 232 different devices simultaneously. This is more than enough for even a complex smart home.

Advantages of Z-Wave

Z-Wave technology continues to be a popular smart home option because it offers a number of advantages when compared to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi networks. Here are a few of the main strong points:

  • great reception without interfering with wireless internet systems;
  • powerful, long-range signal;
  • secure encrypted network;
  • consumes less energy;
  • cost-effective;
  • easy to install, no rewiring necessary;
  • devices are all compatible.

Z-Wave delivers high performance, but is also extremely energy efficient. For example, the newly released 700 series network is so energy efficient that some types of sensors using a single coin battery can last for up to 10 years.

It allows you to have a sleek, functional smart home system, yet it’s a less expensive option in comparison to some of the other products. You can get your home set up with a minimal investment and it’s easy to add devices to the network. The only real disadvantage is that this technology is limited to lighting, motion and security sensors, smart locks, thermostats and other similar devices.

Z-Wave Product Range

There are nearly 2,500 certified products and 94 million devices currently available on the market. You can find a full range of smart home devices in a variety of styles, finishes and colors. The company also ensures that newer systems will still be compatible with early model devices and future models.

Z-Wave devices are compatible with all the latest voice-automated virtual assistants, including Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. In fact, the biggest brands in the industry offer a range of Z-Wave products.

Z-Wave Integration with Smart Locks

Smart locks are the ultimate Z-wave security device. When installed as part of a smart home system, smart locks provide keyless entry to your home. You can unlock any door where the smart hardware has been installed using a mobile app. This can even be done remotely, from wherever you are.

You can select the type of smart deadbolt or touchscreen lever locks from the wide range available. Once it has been connected to the smart home hub, the lock can be controlled remotely. No more worrying if you locked the doors! Simply check the lock status on the smart home app. Then, with a click, lock everything up and set the security system.

In short, the smart home app enables you to see who is accessing the home and related entry times. You can also grant temporary access for guests, in-home services and deliveries. Z-Wave can be a reliable option for anyone looking to set up a smart home system.

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