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How to Maintain a Secure Workplace on a Moderate Budget

We’re not going to lie to you; we write a lot about the latest technologies in the security industry and how the best way to protect your business is by implementing these high-tech measures. As locksmiths, we’re exposed to the constantly and rapidly evolving world of security products and see it as our responsibility to make you aware of the best products available.

At the same time, we realize that many of the security methods we recommend are not affordable for many business owners. To that end, we’ve decided to put together a list of the top ways to maintain a secure workplace on a reasonable budget. Keep in mind while many of these solutions can stand on their own, they’re better when paired together or with other high-level security methods. Here we go:

Method 1: Keep Your Parking Lot Well-Lit

A well-lit parking lot goes a long way in making your employees feel safe during the dark evening hours. If you have the budget, you may also opt for covering your building and parking lot with security camera.

Method 2: Screen All Guests

Uninvited or unannounced guests shouldn’t be able to enter and wander throughout your office at will. Add a reception desk and hire a receptionist to stop and collect information from all visitors to your building. A security person should also be on duty at all times.

Method 3: Supply ID Badges

Supply all employees and faculty members with identity badges that have their full names and pictures. Any visitor to your workplace should also receive a guest badge to wear while in your building.

Method 4: Keep Personal Items with You

If you work in a large office, you may want to keep personal items like wallet, purse and keys, with you rather than leaving these at your workplace unsupervised.

Method 5: Lock Your Office Belongings

Keeping your personal filing cabinet or desk locked is a very simple way to increase your own personal security at work. Check out one of our latest blogs for tips on how to increase filing cabinet security.

Method 6: Don’t Leave Visitors Unsupervised

Any guest of your office should be escorted to the individual they came to see and then all the way to the door when they’re ready to leave. They should never be left alone to wander your office.

Method 7: Don’t Let Employees Work Alone at Night

If an employee stays late at work, make sure they are not alone. If this situation is unavoidable, make sure that the employee keeps all doors and windows closed and locked.

A Final Note on Physical Security Methods

Those are our 7 methods for maintaining a secure office on a tight budget. We hope these tips help you keep your office safe as you continue to grow your business! Remember that relying on technology is not the only way to ensure the safety of your workplace and employees.

If you’ve implemented all of these non-technical security measures and are ready to put a higher-level method in place, contact Great Valley Lockshop today at 610-644-5334 or fill out a service request. Our skilled technicians can explore your building and match you with the right solution such as high-security locks, an access control system, master keys or whatever system works best and fits your budget.

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