Key Management System

What is a Key Management System?

What is a Key Management System?

For being so small, keys play a large part in the overall security of your company. Keys give us access to facilities, entire buildings, equipment, machinery, vehicles and secure areas. A lot can be gained by having the right key, but there’s even more to lose should that key fall into the wrong hands. In order to increase security as well as their peace of mind, company owners should look into a key management system.

Unlock the Door to Better Security

Key management systems utilize regular keys, but what makes those keys unique is that they control who has access to high-security areas and also record when and where those keys were used so that facility managers have a concrete idea of who is in the facility, where they are in the facility and when they were in the facility.

Additional advantages of key management systems include:

  • Making sure that only authorized individuals are in possession of specific keys
  • Knowing when keys have not been returned
  • Being able to see when a key is taken, when it’s returned and by whom
  • Checking how often a specific key was used and how long it was used
  • Using SMS text or email to notify a manager of an emergency situation

Dumping the Duplicate

One of the key components of a key management system is cutting down the risk of keys being duplicated by unauthorized individuals. While a patented key system doesn’t make duplication impossible, it makes it so that only the person who initiated the system can acquire key blanks. The design of the management system is patented, which means that anyone who tries to duplicate the design without the permission of the individual who initiated the system will be subject to persecution under federal law. Keys to a certain facility are only made available to specific individuals through a professional commercial locksmith who has been properly authorized.

At the Center of It All

There are several different varieties of cylinder types and keyways that are used in key management systems. Options for keyways include classic and Everest.

Classic keyways are the regular keys that are used while Everest cylinders and keyways have a special undercut groove on the right side that has been patented.
Options for cylinder mechanisms include conventional and Primus.

A conventional cylinder is a regular, everyday cylinder and a Primus cylinder mechanism is a high-security sidebar that is made with a patented key control. Not only that, but the high-security cylinder mechanism is made to be resistant to lock picks and uses geographic exclusivity. Primus key management systems can also be made to be resistant to drilling and other mechanical attacks. A Primus key will not only work on a Primus cylinder, but on a conventional cylinder as well, but a conventional key will not be able to open a door with a Primus cylinder.

Open keyways and restricted keyways are two options for key control. There’s no need to go to special lengths to order regular keyways, but non-stock restricted keyways come with limited use as well as a greater degree of key control. In order to complete orders for restricted cylinders, keys and blanks, a special letter of authorization from the end-user has to be issued.

Options in the cylinder category include full size and small format interchangeable cores. Keyways, cylinders and keys are determined by the industry standard for the plug diameter of roughly half of an inch. Small format interchangeable cores are fully brand interchangeable. Keys, pins, springs and keyways are determined on a plug diameter that’s less than the half of an inch of the standard full-size cylinder plugs.

Making Life Easier One Key at a Time

When it comes to rekeying, key management systems make the process much easier and much faster. Interchangeable cores are the key to simplifying the process, and that’s especially true in emergencies. Usually, whenever an individual would lose a key ring, fail to return it once they left their position or had it stolen, it might take several locksmiths several days to fully rekey a single building. With key management systems, there are several cores available for rekeying emergencies, making the job take hours instead of days.

If you are interested in a key management system for your company or your campus, Great Valley Lockshop is here to provide you with professional suggestions to find the perfect management system.

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