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Locksmith Advice: The DOs and DON’Ts of Home Lock Security

Almost 66% of all burglaries are home break-ins. According to those who have had the horrible experience of having their home broken into, it is a feeling that never truly goes away. Lingering anxiety, violation and anger tend to surface with no apparent reason leaving homeowners reaching for ways to protect their home and those they love who live there.

One way to increase the security of your home is by replacing your current door locks. Contractors often build with economy and speed in mind, giving little or no thought to future homeowner security. If you live in a home that features standard door locks, here are some tips that may help you to feel more secure.

Check Deadbolt Locks

Many homeowners trust that a dead-bolt locks will ensure safety. Many dead-bolts, however, can be opened by an intruder who is willing to pry the door from the jamb. To overcome this problem some homeowners have installed a vertical dead-bolt that interlocks with a set of metal rings attached to the door frame. This type of upgrade makes it almost impossible to pry apart.

Another concern with deadbolt locks may be the decorative glass in the door itself. If a thief is willing to break a little bit of glass, they are then able to reach inside and manually undo the dead-bolt lock.

Buy a New Home? Get New Locks

Many new homeowners forego a very important step to safety and security. They assume that when the realtor hands them keys to their new (to them) home, that the previous owner has not kept any keys for themselves. Even worse they assume that the previous homeowner never made copies of house keys for family or friends who might have visited frequently. A simple way to ensure that your home is safe and secure is to have your locks changed. This basically means that the cylinder in the lock is replaced with a new one. By doing this, homeowners can feel more secure without having to replace all of the knobs and locks in the home. While some feel confident enough to handle this job themselves, others rely on a competent locksmith to ensure the job is done correctly. (Re-keying residential locks is one of our most popular services. Click here to get a free online lock rekey estimate.)

Fingerprint Lock

At the height of homeowner security is a fingerprint lock. This lock gets rid of the risk that is associated with lost or stolen keys. This type of lock can be taught to read multiple fingerprints which increases security on the home. Children who came home to an empty house in years past were known as latchkey kids because they wore a house key on a long chain around their neck. This type of lock alleviates the need for keeping track of a key all day by allowing access with a fingerprint instead (which is much more difficult to lose on the playground).

Key Fob Lock

Radio frequency has dramatically changed the way many people open their cars today. Being able to unlock a door with a key fob has enhanced convenience and safety as well. By alleviating the need to insert a key into a lock to open a car door, many are able to pay more attention to their surroundings and make sure nothing is amiss.

Today there are proximity door locks for the home. These highly rated locks can be opened from up to 30 feet away. The same increase in safety occurs on a home as it did with a car. By being able to unlock your door at the touch of a button, a home owner’s attention can be more directed to the safety of their surroundings.

Sliding Door Locks

Many people use sliding doors that lead out onto a patio or deck as a way to make a room look larger and more inviting. Sliding doors, however, are a bonus for those who aim to get into a house illegally. Because of the way they are built, these doors which slide horizontally can be lifted right out of the frame allowing a burglar direct access. In order to prevent this from happening, anti-lift devices can be installed. One such device includes a pin that goes through both of the sliding parts of the door as well as the fixed part of the door. This makes it so that the door cannot be lifted out because the sliding door is secured in two separate places.

In order to prevent your home from becoming one on a growing list of homes that has been broken into, take a moment to look at and think about the security of your locks. Whether you choose to change your current lock cylinders or install fingerprint locks in your home, you will gain greater peace of mind just knowing that your home and family are safe.

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