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What Services Does a Locksmith Provide?

When you find yourself locked out of your car, home, or office, the first person you think to call is probably a locksmith. But did you know that we, as locksmiths, do a lot more than just unlock doors? You may be surprised to know that locksmiths work with all types of locks and devices to safeguard your home, vehicle, and your property. Here are some of the services that the best locksmith will provide.

Automobile and Residential Lockout Services

While it is not the only service they provide, a locksmith can definitely help you when you get locked out of your vehicle, home, or office because of lost keys or a lock malfunction. There are many different ways that they can help get you back into your home, and the method used often depends on what kind of locks you have on the vehicle or building.

To circumvent your locks, local locksmiths may pick the lock, use bypass tools, or even use specialty tools in cases where you have particularly high-security locks in place. It’s important that you contact a locksmith and don’t try to break into the lock on your own—you could end up doing irreparable damage to the lock, your vehicle, or the doors on your home if you don’t have the skills and tools to unlock the doors.

Keys: New, Duplicates and Rekeys

Local locksmiths can also help you create keys and install locks on your home and business. They are skilled at providing you with deadbolts, mechanical and electronic locking devices, and rekeying or key duplication for existing locks. In many cases, a locksmith can repair your locks and keys if they become damaged, and help you get new keys if you lose them.

Property Security

If you need to go beyond the basic locks, the best locksmith can often help you with advice and recommendations on security for your property. That may include installing new locks or deadbolts, getting appropriate locks for patio doors, installing peepholes, surveillance methods, electronic access control, and the hardware and software necessary to achieve the best possible security for your home or business. Many locksmiths will also come to your home or business and perform a security assessment and make recommendations on what you need to increase security.

Access Control

Businesses need a way to control access to the building, giving the right people keys to access required areas, while protecting sensitive areas from access. In those cases, a locksmith can provide you with an electronic key system or access cards that allow you to decide who can access which areas of your building.


Many locksmiths sell and service home and business safes, including vaults, time locks, safe deposit boxes, floor safes, wall safes, and small portable safes. At Great Valley Lockshop, our showroom displays locks, keys and other security-based products that we not only sell, but also install and guarantee. A local locksmith can also help if the locking mechanism on your safe malfunctions.

Lock Repair a Master Keys

The best locksmith should be skilled at repairing and replacing old or worn out locks, disassembling them to examine the internal lock mechanisms and replacing broken or missing parts with new ones. For businesses or homes whose locks have been comprised or keys lost, a locksmith can also rekey the locks and restore your security. They can create a master key system or replace an existing master key with new ones in cases where the security may have been compromised.

Great Valley Lockshop provides all of these services to consumers and companies in Chester County, PA and the general Philadelphia area. With over 40 years of experience, we have become one of Pennsylvania’s most trusted locksmiths and the Delaware Valley’s “go to” security experts. Give us a call today at (610) 644-5334 and find out how we can help you with your next project or emergency!

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