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Security Products that Make it More Difficult for Burglars

While you’ve likely read about amateur burglars who make rookie mistakes in the news, not all are taking their first stab at breaking and entering. As a matter of fact, burglary is a full-time job for some career criminals, who are carefully studying, planning, and preparing for the perfect crime. They know how to get in to any home or business with run-of-the-mill security and leave no evidence (and no valuables) behind.

So, what can you do to take your home or business from run-of-the-mill to burglar-proof? There’s no single right answer, but the following products can make it much more difficult for even a seasoned criminal to break into your home or business before being sighted.

  • Motion-Activated Yard Lights
  • Window Locks
  • Window Bars
  • Break-Proof Laminate
  • Door Frame Reinforcement
  • Front Gates
  • Security System
  • High-Security Locks
  • A Loud Dog

Motion-Activated Yard Lights

Motion-activated yard lights cast bright light when somebody comes within visibility of the sensor. A burglar making an effort to break and enter unnoticed will avoid homes that have visible motion-activated lights outside, and if they happen to activate the lights by accident, will likely flee the scene without taking anything.

Window Locks

Very few people go to bed without locking their doors at night, yet thousands of people open their windows on the way to bed to let in a breeze and keep the air flowing overnight. Having and using window locks is a critical component of home security (and business security if you have windows that can be opened in your commercial building).

Window Bars

While bars can be unsightly, some neighborhoods or certain situations require greater measures to ensure safety and protect your property. If you live or own a business in a neighborhood with a high crime rate, you may consider steel bars.

Break-Proof Laminate

Window locks are useless if your windows can be easily broken to gain entry (especially the windows near a doorknob or lock). Break-proof laminate can be applied your glass windows to make them difficult or impossible to break.

Door Frame Reinforcement

Almost everybody locks their doors when they leave home or turn in for the night, but few people know how simple it is to simply kick the door frame in, even when the deadbolt is turned. Reinforcing steel plates can be installed in your door frame to make it difficult to kick the door in and add a barrier for burglars.

Front Gates

Fencing in your yard (and using climb-free paint, which is slippery and difficult to climb) can make it difficult for robbers to gain access to your home or business.

Security System

A complete home or commercial security system that records video surveillance either 24/7 or when triggered, that signals an alarm when somebody enters or glass breaks, and allows you to lock, unlock, and monitor from a distance can be very helpful in not only deterring robbers but identifying them should they gain access. It’s important to note that identifying your home or business security company through a sign in the front yard or window might deter those intending harm, but it might also give them just the information they need to disarm your system by cutting a line and gain access more easily. Instead, advertise that you have a home security system without identifying your provider.

High-Security Locks

If you didn’t know that the locks you bought at your local home improvement store are considered regular or low-security locks, you’re not alone. In order to ensure the locks on your home and business are designed to withstand efforts to break through them, you should purchase high-security locks at a local locksmith or other lock specialty store. These are designed to be difficult to pick, bump, or drill.

A Loud Dog

A loud but friendly dog might contribute to your burglar-deterring plan. Ideally, your dog will make a lot of noise if somebody they don’t recognize sets foot on the property, alerting neighbors and scarring the person breaking and entering away. Please note that a loud dog is often more effective than an aggressive dog.

Other tips and tricks

Here are a few more tips and tricks to prevent making a burglar rich while you’re not home:

  • Put your indoor lights on timers so they’re on at certain times during the day and gradually shut off at night; this can make it appear as if you’re home when you’re not.
  • Avoid having your mail held and allowing mail to pile up in your mailbox when you’re on vacation; instead, ask a close friend, employee, or neighbor to pick up your mail.
  • If you live in an area where it snows, arrange for somebody to shovel your sidewalk within one day of each snow so it doesn’t become obvious that nobody is coming and going.
  • Consider using a smart garage lock to secure this commonly targeted entry point.

Finally, rely on your local lock experts at Green Valley Lockshop to help you select and install the best home security devices. Call us today at (610) 644-5334 or request a free quote online to explore your options.

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