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Preventing Contactless Card Hacking at Your Office

Technology is an amazing thing. It’s both a benefit and a hazard, especially when dealing with security issues — IT security, and door security. In fact, one of the greatest threats this country faces is hacking. If a device has an internet connection or a wireless connection, it is approachable to a hacker. When it comes to door security at your office or commercial building, that’s a big deal.

How The Bad Guys Get In

In some cases, someone wants to physically enter your business and they’ll attempt to gain access by tricking a card reader into giving them access. They can do this in a variety of ways such as:


Skimming is taking the information embedded on a card or token and transferring it to a fake card or token. Skimming is not only a concern of door security, but it’s also a concern for debit card and credit card users too.


Eavesdropping is a way that cybercriminals steal data as it’s transmitted from one unit to another. In the case of a door lock, that transmission occurs when the scanner sends the data on the card or token to the machine that grants access. Once the thieves have that data they can replicate it and use it at will.

Relay attacks

Relay attacks occur when a cyber thief transfers the data from a card or token to a false card. They have relayed the security data to a new card and when this is successful, they gain all the benefits associated with the original card.

One of the key problems with card hacking is that the operating systems involved are dated. Technology has passed them by and the industry is waiting for updates. This is like what happened when Microsoft announced it would no longer support its XP operating system. Without the security patches and monitoring, hackers had little trouble accessing people’s computers.

The Breach Is Bigger Than Just Door Security

For a while, hackers focused on the weaker security issues that surrounded operating systems on computers. Major software developers have evolved new technology that makes it difficult for hackers to gain access to computers and networks. Hackers, however, are smart. Currently, they have switched their operations to target secondary access points, such as door locks.

Any wireless connection or internet connection is approachable to hackers and those systems are gateways that allow hackers to gain access to a business’s computers, networks, and data. All of this results from a poorly secured door lock, printer port, or any of the hundreds of other secondary points of entry. The whole process sounds diabolical and it can be, but there are ways to protect your system and still maintain data security.

How to Protect Your Door System from Hackers

There are a few tricks that door security sellers and businesses who require door security can do to increase security and decrease hacker access.

The Unique Relationship

Utilize a door system that has a unique relationship between the reader and the system. The system features a one-of-a-kind security code that exists only for that system. For example, consider key manufacturers and the fact that they only make a certain number of locks and keys – if by the greatest coincidence, you should try your key on someone else’s lock, it may open the lock. With a unique relationship door lock system, there is no possibility of this happening. These systems help to eliminate the chance that an outside card would open the locks.

Increase the Security Points

So far, we have discussed a door lock system that only requires an access card. There are other security features that pair nicely with an access card. Those include a valid ID, fingerprint scanners, and even a keypad and code. Those are some examples of what is available when you want to add an additional security point to your system.

Verified Authenticity

You can even include software that authenticates the card being scanned and verifying that the card is authentic and not a fake.

Encryption Software

Software that encrypts data that is transferred from one unit to the next helps to keep that data safe. If stolen, that data remains encrypted, making it less of a target.

Keeping the Bad Guys Out

Hackers are smart, but the technology that’s available for door lock systems is equally smart. The key (no pun intended) is to be vigilant. Check your system regularly, employ more than one type of entry barrier, and pay close attention to software.

If you would like more information about your current door lock system or to compare an upgrade, just reach out. Our professionals are very happy to answer your questions and our goal is always to help you make an informed decision about door security. For faster service, call 610-644-5334 today or contact us online today.

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