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Have You Chosen the Right Hardware for Your Front Door?


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Your home is your refuge, and is likely to be the biggest investment you’ll make in your lifetime. With everything you love inside those front doors, it’s important to make sure that you have the right hardware for your front door to keep all your important possessions and your family safe. Living in a safe neighborhood or knowing your neighbors won’t protect you from all the unsavory people in the world, and the only way to have true peace of mind is to choose hardware and technology that keeps your home locked up tight.

Before you visit your local lock shop to choose hardware for your front door, pay close attention to certain aspects of your home and what you are hoping to accomplish from new hardware. Take your ideas and notes to a professional residential locksmith, and consider your options for front door hardware. Using both the design and layout of your home, you can find door fixtures that mesh well with your style and provide an added level of security to your home.

Age and Design of Your Home

While safety is important, you also want your hardware to match the design and architecture of your home. Many modern pieces are designed to look vintage and old-fashioned, but still offer the complete safety of state of the art technology. Choose door fixtures and hardware that are the same style as the rest of your home to keep a harmonious look. Hardware is available to fit every design type or century if you are willing to look hard enough.

Materials of Your Home

Whether the exterior of your home is made up of stucco, brick or wood, choose front door fixtures that mesh with the style and fit in. If you are unsure what type of door fixtures look best with your particular home, get the opinion of a residential locksmith. Visit your local residential locksmith to discuss the particulars of your home, what will match best and what you need in place to keep your family safe.

Types of Fixtures

Front door fixtures come in many designs and types, and oftentimes making the right choice is simply a matter of preference. Choose from a simple door knob to a knob and knocker combination. Regardless of your personal preference, you can find door fixtures that match your style. Again, if you are coming up empty, consult a residential locksmith for designs that match your tastes that also offer stellar protection to your family and belongings.

Additional Accessories

Along with your front door fixtures, you’ll find many accessories to choose from. You can add doorknockers, letter plates and your address number, to name a few. Whichever accessories you choose, make sure they match your already installed door fixtures. Choose your accessories after you’ve chosen your other fixtures to ensure that you can find the right finish for your front door.

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Consult a Professional

Whether you’re building a new home or looking to upgrade the security in your older home, a Great Valley Lockshop can help you to pick the right hardware for your front door. Don’t take chances with your most valuable investment and the people who are most important to you. You’ll gain peace of mind and sleep better at night when you choose the right hardware for your front door, and consult a professional locksmith about the vulnerabilities of your home.  Give us a call today, we’re always happy to help!  610-624-3802.


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