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Choosing the Best Pet Friendly Security Systems

Owning pets comes with immense responsibilities, like keeping them comfy and safe. There are times when you can’t take them on vacations or holidays, and you have to leave them at home. During such times, your anxiety levels increase, thinking about your pet’s safety.

Luckily, there are several pet-friendly security systems available in the market. The next problem is, which one is best for you? Some systems are so comprehensive that it will feel like you are still with your pets, but it can be a bit too pricey.

Choosing the right security system for your pets also means protecting your home during vacations.

We are here to help you decide. Read through our detailed article on how to choose the best pet-friendly security systems for your next travel without your furry friends.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Choose a security system with sensitive motion sensors, mobile alert features, and great customer reviews.
  2. The best-fit security system for you will vary depending on factors such as the size of your pet, the sensitivity needed, your budget, and your location.
  3. Great Valley Lockshop is composed of a group of security system experts and can help you discern among the thousands of choices for a pet-friendly security system.

How do you choose the best pet-friendly security systems?

Being a pet owner is a full-time job. Leaving your pets alone when you’re going on a holiday vacation can increase your anxiety levels and prevent you from having a good time.

A good solution to this problem is to install pet-friendly home security systems. The problem is, with all of the security device choices out there, which one should you choose?

pet friendly alarm systems

Here are some of the best features that you want to have for a great security system for pet owners:

  1. Choose systems that can sense motion. Several pet-friendly motion sensors are smart enough to discern between your pet’s movement and a potential intruder. These flexible sensors can be useful for your pet and house’s safety.
  2. Pick security equipment with a visual display. This is a very important factor. You want your security system to display your pet’s current state visually. This feature can help you visually confirm any alerts.
  3. Two-way communication. Some pet owners have the habit of talking to their pets. A two-way communication system can help you reduce separation anxiety and let you talk to your pet while away. You can also use this if you have a pet sitter at home.
  4. Mobile alerts and remote access. Choose a system that sends you real-time mobile alerts to help you monitor your pet remotely. Some systems also allow you to toggle the camera around to see a particular view.
  5. Pick a system with smart home integration. If you own other smart devices set up for your pets, such as smart pet feeders, smart locks, or a ring alarm system, there are pet security systems that can be used to integrate with such devices. This feature can help you manage your devices for your pets while away.
  6. Read customer reviews. One of the best ways to choose a pet-friendly security system is to take the advice of fellow pet-loving customers. Read through the customer reviews to see other owner’s experiences.

Pet owners are very protective of their pets. To help you stay calm while you are away, choose the best home security system.

The best way to ensure you choose the most fitting security system is to do a lot of research.

What Are Factors to Consider When Choosing Pet-Friendly Security Systems?

When choosing a pet-friendly security system, pet owners can get confused and easily persuaded by the first one they see. As an experienced locksmith team, we say it pays to be skeptical.

Some systems will always be better than others. Some may have all the newest features, but that does not mean you need them. Only a handful of features would fit all the requirements of a general audience.

For example, a smaller house with a dog will not need a multi-channel system that has attachments to several cameras.

Here are some of the key factors to consider when buying a security system for your pets:

  • Pet size and weight. Newer security systems are designed to specifically detect the movement of a pet according to its size and weight. This feature can help reduce errors in detection and allow the system to watch the pet activity only specifically. Some systems are more suitable for larger pets.
  • Adjustable sensitivity. Overactive pets can sometimes mess with a security system. The system can mistake motions as erratic or as a sign of intrusion. Choose a system that has an adjustable sensitivity setting to prevent false alarms.
  • Mobile alerts and remote access. As previously mentioned, modern security systems can send real-time alerts to your main mobile device. This feature can help you review any activity happening in your home.
  • Easy installation and maintenance. Choose a security system set that does not require special installation instructions. If it does, make sure to have a professional install it for you. While you are away from your home, there are fewer ways for you to do to fix installation problems.
  • Backup energy system. Power outages can sometimes be inevitable when you are away. Choose a system that offers a backup energy source that will power the cameras in case of emergencies.

Remember that these are just some of the critical factors to consider. There are more features and considerations you need to know of, especially for more sensitive instances such as month-long vacations.

Consult with experts from Great Valley Lockschop, Inc. Our team can help you evaluate your living situation and suggest which security system will be the best fit.

Top 5 Best Home Security Systems for Pet Owners

There are literally thousands of home security systems out in the market. But as pet owners, you want what is best for your beloved furry friends. We’re here to help you choose the best home security systems for your pets.


ADT offers excellent equipment for home safety, security, and home automation. The ADT motion sensors tell the difference between a pet under 40 pounds and a human intruder.

If you’ve got a bigger pet, you might adjust the motion detectors to recognize a 65 or even 85-pound pet. Few pet device security firms do that; thus, ADT-monitored systems are my top pick if you’ve got a larger pet.

As a pet owner, you’ll want to place sensors and cameras so your pet won’t trip the alarm. That’s where installation services come in handy. In that regard, contact Great Valley Lockshop Inc. to customize your cameras and motion sensors to help safeguard your pet.


  • The company has extensive experience in the home security sector.
  • They offer customized professional installation.
  • They have adjustable motion sensors for big pets.


  • Highly recommended for top-tier home automation.
  • The live video or mobile access feature is only available for high-tier packages.


SimpliSafe provides both DIY and professional monitoring with no long-term contract. Its motion sensors ignore any animal of up to 50 pounds instead of the typical 40 pounds.

Moreover, the indoor cameras have night vision to help monitor your pets day and night. Unfortunately, its home automation integration is limited, and if that’s crucial to you, you’ll have to look elsewhere.


  • It has a DIY installation.
  • Offers affordable monitoring.
  • Not pricey.


  • Pets over 35 pounds might trigger motion detectors.


If you prefer top-of-the-line home automation for your pet’s safety while you’re away, Vivint is my best pick. It has impressive home automation support and top-notch quality equipment like carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. You need a home automation system to ensure your furry friend is comfortable at home while you’re away.

Vivint’s motion sensors ignore pets of up to 55 pounds. Also, you have to keep pets at least six feet from detectors, which might create some logical issues. However, Great Valley Lockshop Inc. can offer tips on the right placement for your device.

Vivint’s plans come with another pet-friendly feature: mobile access. Its cameras are equipped with night vision as well. Unfortunately, video monitoring is available with the most expensive plan, which might not work if you’re on a tight budget. But it has other flexible payment options and offers a no-contract plan.


  • It has an adjustable weight setting on motion sensors.
  • They offer professional installation.
  • It has two-way video monitoring.


  • The company has inconsistent customer service.


Frontpoint motion sensors use passive infrared sensors, which means they detect changes in heat. Passive infrared sensors ignore small pets up to 40 pounds. Plus, its cameras have night vision so that you can check on your good boy throughout.

Its simple DIY installation makes it easier for you to move the detectors to find the spot that allows your pet to roam freely and protect your home. Overall, it’s an amazing security system with pet-friendly features.


  • They have high-rated customer support.
  • They offer a wide selection of security cameras.
  • They offer a customizable system.


  • You might pay extra for smoke detectors.
  • It has a low motion-sensor range.

The Ring Alarm

The Ring Alarm contains everything you need to protect your pet and home. Its home sensors are pet-friendly, too. By default, the sensors are extremely sensitive to any movement. However, there’s a mobile application to help reduce the sensor’s sensitivity to your liking.

Typically, it ignores a pet under 30 pounds and is immune to a pet up to 50 pounds. In addition, it has the best camera package, which comprises an affordable indoor camera and some doorbells and outdoor cameras. I particularly recommend the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery and Ring Indoor Cam.

The outdoor cam lets you watch your pet play outside. While an indoor cam gives you an inexpensive way to monitor your pet’s behavior remotely and ensure he isn’t feeling too lonely.


  • It has an irritating loud siren.
  • It supports multiple wireless platforms.
  • It has available and affordable professional monitoring.
  • It is easy to install.


  • It has bulky contact detectors.
  • It doesn’t come accompanied by a HomeKit.

What Are the Best Practices for Optimizing Home Security Systems for Pets?

Once you have selected the best-fitting security system for your home and pet, there are some ways that you can optimize safety. Remember that security systems are mostly there as a surveillance systems. Very few systems have an emergency call function, so you must be vigilant.

Here are some practices that you can do to optimize your pet’s security and safety:

  • Ensure proper installation and update before leaving.
  • Ensure that the sensitivity is adjusted to accommodate your pet’s size.
  • Use pet-proof mounting for the cameras.
  • Place the cameras in a spot with a wide view.
  • Test the system before leaving.
  • Have emergency contact numbers ready.
  • Ensure that the backup energy source is working.
  • Train and desensitize your pet to the cameras.
  • Secure cords and wires from pet bites.

By incorporating these additional best practices, you can create a well-rounded approach to home security that accounts for the unique needs and behaviors of your pets.

What’s the Best Security System for You and Your Pet?

We understand how stressful choosing the best security system for your pets and home can be. You must consider countless factors just to reduce the anxiety of leaving your pets.

That is what experts are there for. Our team of experts at Great Valley Lockshop can help you pick which security system would fit your needs and budget and address your concerns. Our team works with high-profile residential areas and institutions, so you can ensure that our services are top-notch.

So, contact Great Valley Lockshop Inc. via (484) 324-2986 today for the best security devices for your pet and home!


What Is the Best Security System for Dogs?

All of the suggested security system brands in this article are best fit for dog owners:

  1. ADT
  2. Simplisafe
  3. Vivint
  4. Frontpoint
  5. The Ring Alarm

Can You Have a Burglar Alarm if You Have a Cat?

Yes. You can have a burglar alarm system even if you have pets inside your house. More advanced alarm systems can detect pets through size and movements and prevent false alarms.

What Security Cameras Don’t Pick up Pets?

Security cameras with adjustable motion sensors and pet detection features won’t mistake your pets as intruders. These cameras commonly have passive infrared detectors. These sensors can discern motions from an entity of a specific weight, reducing false alarms.

What Is a Pet-Friendly Alarm?

Pet-friendly alarms are security systems that can detect pet movements without mistaking them for intruders.

How Do I Know if My Alarm Is Pet-Friendly?

It is pet-friendly if your alarm system has an adjustable motion sensor capable of detecting pet movements.

Do Pet-Friendly Alarms Work?

Yes. Pet-friendly alarms work, but their effectiveness depends on the sensitivity of the sensors. More sensitive sensors can discern between a hyperactive cat and an intruder.

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