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Security Tips to Protect Sheds, Bikes, Garages and Outdoor Valuables


Our commercial and residential locksmith professionals here at the Great Valley Lock Shop in Malvern, PA have helped thousands of commercial and residential locksmith clients protect their indoor valuables with the best security measures possible. However, we’ve also assisted many of our customers keep their outdoor valuables safe from thieving hands and prying eyes. Here are some clever ways we’ve learned to outsmart the bad guys, while keeping your outdoor possessions safe.

Basic Outdoor Home Security Measures

Keep Your Home’s Exterior Lit

Being able to easily monitor the perimeter of your premises is the first step in home protection. Think lights, camera, and ‘preventive’ action. Motion activated lights are an affordable solution to not only helping you and your guests get around the property safely at night, but they can be a serious deterrent to potential thieves. Criminals love the protection that darkness provides, allowing them to often snag and grab what they want without ever being seen.

Invest In Security Cameras

A secondary and complementary way to further keep your belongings safe, is to install a security camera monitoring system outdoors. You’ll want to have an experienced installation team help you decide where your cameras will be most effective as theft deterrents. Typically, you’ll want to have one facing your garage entrance and facing any exterior sheds and precious valuables that you leave outdoors.

Maintain Your Landscaping

In addition to cameras and lighting, most security experts recommend keeping the bushes and hedges on your property neatly trimmed back and cut relatively short. Again, people looking to lift your goodies enjoy the shelter of tall hedges and fluffy bushes.

How to Protect Bicycles, Motorcycles, A/C Condensers & More

Not long ago a simple chain lock protected bikes, wheel and handle locks shielded from motorcycle theft, and no one gave a second glance to heavy air conditioning units and condensers. However, the times have changes, and basic precautions aren’t enough to allow you to sleep well at night feeling that your outdoor movable items are secure.

How to Prevent Bicycle Theft

The best way to prevent bicycle theft involves using modern U-style locking mechanisms that the average bolt cutter cannot penetrate. There are also wheel nut locks available that don’t allow the wheels to turn, which shatters the cut-and-ride dream of most bike thieves.

How to Prevent Motorcycle Theft

If you must keep your motorcycle outdoors you should take cautions similar to protecting bicycles. Most motorcycles already possess security features such as wheel and handlebar locks, but many savvy burglars specialize in stealing these valuable vehicles and know how to get around those pesky protection devices. Get in touch with your local dealership to explore modern locking devices designed for motorcycles, consider using a tarp to cover your scooter when not in use.

How to Prevent Window-Unit A/C Theft

The rising value of copper has drawn a new kind of thief out of the woodwork. Those who don’t care about the value of your A/C unit devices, but rather, their interest lies in the cash value of the copper wiring these units possess. Fortunately, there are modern day A/C cages that cover your exterior devices, and you can lock them down to prevent thieves from gaining access.

In an ideal situation, you could shelter these items inside of your house, storage shed or garage. Even if you have this luxury, there are still challenges involved in keeping the bad guys out. However, we have some suggestions to prevent theft from outdoor structures, too.

Sheds, Garages, and Outdoor Structure Protection

You’d like to think that a basic padlock or lock-and-key entry system would be adequate to protect your outdoor structures. Unfortunately, clever bandits have outwitted the old-school systems. If you want to stick with the keyed entry method, consider having a professional locksmith service in Malvern, PA install a high-security locking system. These require superior keys with pin complexity, meaning they aren’t easy to pick. Furthermore, these keys are patent protected and identified as ones that are not to be reproduced, meaning that sneaky peeps cannot simply make a mold of your key and have it reproduced through local retailers.

Creative Ways to Protect Your Outdoor Valuables

Beyond superior locking systems, there are a few other ways you can keep prowling hands away from items you keep stored in backyard structures such as garages and storage sheds. Keyless entry locking methods such as smart locks for garage doors, manual keypad locks, and remote entry options using your smartphone are far more advanced that the easy-to-hack garage door openers. These options allow you to have complete control over access to your exterior buildings and give you the ability to change your code or swipe card authentication at any time with ease. These systems can force lock your door every time you close it, engaging both the deadbolt and knob locks, while you can unlock it quickly when you need to.

If you take your personal residential security seriously, an experienced team like ours at the Great Valley Lockshop can install a biometric scan system on your outdoor shed or garage. This literally means that ‘the eyes have it,’ and unapproved eyes won’t be given access, regardless of their methods.

Want to Keep Your Outdoor Possessions Safe? Call Great Valley Lockshop

Here at Great Valley Lockshop, we’re more than a 24-hour emergency locksmith service in Malvern, PA that also serves the surrounding counties. We are security professionals that are happy to come out and give your commercial or residential property a full inspection for potential compromises in the security of your outdoor possessions. Just give us a call at 610-644-5334 or fill out a service request to schedule a no-obligation consultation. If we can’t help you with your particular needs, we can at least head you in the right direction so you can get the protection you need and deserve.

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