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What Shared-Use Locks Can Do For You, Your Facility and Your Patrons


College is back in full swing. Traffic is thickening. Pedestrians are flooding the streets. Students are filing into your Campus Recreation Center in droves.

And you’re ready for a security upgrade for your facility. You want to make the locker use in your Campus Rec Center the most effective and efficient they can be.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of shared-use locks for you as the owner or maintenance manager, how it can affect insurance rates and what they can do for your students and community members.

What Is a Shared-Use Lock?

A shared-use lock is one that is installed into a locker and can be used by multiple individuals at various times of the day. These locks may use numerical or alphabetical combinations that each user can tailor to their needs when the locker is available. Shared-use locks can either be mechanical or electronic or with remote access capability through Radio Frequency Identification.

How Are They Different from User-Provided Padlocks or Keyed Locks?

The shared-use lock cuts down on the need to replace misplaced keys or cut through an existing lock when the key has been lost. With the shared-use lock, the combination can merely be obtained by management or reset if the passcode has been lost or forgotten.

Shared-use locks are also in no danger of being lost or stolen, which removes a fairly common issue among keyed locks. Additionally, shared-use locks are typically distinct in their functionality, fit and ability to adapt to meet your particular needs.

What Are the Benefits of Using Shared-Use Locks for My Campus Rec Center?

Shared-use locks are quickly becoming popular among maintenance managers of a variety of Campus or Community Rec Centers. This is because they have so much to offer not just the patrons of the Rec Center, but also the owner, holding a few hidden benefits you might not have considered.

Benefits for You as The Owner or Maintenance Manager

As the person responsible for keeping your Rec Center running as smoothly as possible, you want to stay ahead of the game in terms of security. A few of the benefits for opting for shared-use locks for you as the maintenance manager include:

  • Enhanced security measures and authority over locker space
  • Better management of the lockers’ capacity for use
  • Cost and utility efficiency
  • Cost and utility effectiveness
  • A decrease in the amount of time spent managing traditional lock installations or replacing lost or stolen keys
  • Aesthetics and a clean, responsible appearance

By having a remote master key through Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, technology, you can have even better security and authority over locker use. The RFID application will be explained in more detail in the different types of shared-locks section.

Shared-use locks increase the functionality of the lockers by allowing you to maximize the number of available lockers for your members. You can easily assign lockers when they’re not in use, rather than having an empty locker lay dormant when the user is away on vacation. Aesthetics are important in many settings, and your Campus Rec Center is no exception. Shared-use locks can improve the image of your locker rooms by incorporating a high-end appearance with smooth integration.

Insurance Benefits

Many insurance companies will offer lower rates for establishments with more upgraded security measures. It’s worth checking with your specific insurance company to see if you qualify for lower monthly payments.

Benefits for Your Students or Community Members

Shared-use locks offer many benefits for the patrons of your establishment. They allow for the use of student or community member identification cards for access to the locker contents. This decreases the number of extra cards your patrons need to keep up with when coming to work out. These locks can take pressure off your consumers by not having to worry about losing a key. The shared-use locks provide an easier and quicker mode of coming and going in your Rec Center, as well.

What Are the Benefits of The Different Types of Shared-Use Locks?

There are two primary kinds of shared-use locks, mechanical and electronic, and each offers a different type of advantage depending on your specific needs.

Mechanical Shared-Use Locks

The mechanical shared-use locks don’t use batteries in their operation. These locks work best for very busy facilities with frequent and varied traffic because they remove the cost of battery replacement. The locks are simple to use and easy to manage, demanding nearly no upkeep. Many managers opt for a tangible master key to maintain effective control over the lockers with this type of lock.

Electronic Shared-Use Locks

Electronic shared-use locks provide custom designs, including options for monitoring use and having a time-based operation for enhanced authority and surveillance. These locks can be used with member or student identification numbers and cards to gain access.

Electronic locks can also use a master key if they have a manual locking device that lengthens battery endurance. There are also Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) versions that use electromagnetic fields to easily identify and track tags on other items. Wireless RFID mechanisms provide the highest control, allowing a person to be able to oversee access from a prime location.

Both mechanical and electronic shared-use locks have advantages, and it’s best to determine your individual facility’s needs before you buy.

Upgrading Your Campus Rec Center

The students are crowding the halls once more and the traffic is steadily rising. As a maintenance manager, you want your Campus Rec Center’s security to be as cost effective and efficient as possible. For further support on upgrading your center’s security measures, call us at (610) 644-5334 or fill out our free, online estimate request form!

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