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Smart Keys Are Expected to Hit the Market Soon

Product developers are finding new ways for technology to help simplify our everyday lives. Smart locks have grown in popularity over the last couple of years, but it’s clear that not everyone is interested in adopting these devices. For homeowners who are satisfied with traditional locks, there are new gadgets on the horizon which can still grant some of the advantages of smart technology.

Smart keys offer some extra features which make using regular keys more convenient, without needing to change the hardware on your doors. Two new smart key gadgets recently launched crowdfunding campaigns which were wildly successful. In early 2019, we expect to see these new products hit the market. Find out more about what we can expect from this emerging technology.

What Is a Smart Key?

A smart key is pretty much what it sounds like. It uses add-on technology to make a traditional key smarter. With Bluetooth connection to your smartphone and a sensor built into the key case, it’s now possible to know if you locked the door or not. The related app can also help make life easier by finding your key when it has gone missing.

This video explains how a few different smart key options work.

Let’s take a closer look at the two different smart key options which will soon be available in stores.


The Locky device fits onto the head of virtually any traditional key. Like a switchblade key holder, the key folds easily into the Locky device when it’s not being used. Once it has been set up, the brand’s smartphone app communicates with this device using Bluetooth. Then, Locky’s app can keep track of whether your door is locked or unlocked. This is because the device has motion sensors that understand when the key has been turned in the process of locking or unlocking the door.

The application follows the smart key’s location. This allows it to send the homeowner alerts when the smart key goes beyond the range of your phone. Plus, the app will notify the key holder if they leave the key in the door by accident. And, like a key tracker, the device can help locate the key when it’s lost. You will be able to receive notifications from the smart key directly to your wearable device too.

Other family members and roommates can sync their smart key devices. Then the app can keep you updated about who has come and gone, the time of entry and if the door has been locked. Additionally, there is expected to be a master key version of the Locky device for property owners and managers. Working with tiny Bluetooth beacons, it has the power to track activity for multiple doors using the same smart key.

After a very quick crowdfunding campaign, Locky expects to start shipping out devices in January 2019. The device should be available in home goods and hardware stores later next year. The retail price for one is likely to be about $80 and about $335 for a master key set which includes three beacon stickers.


Another similar product that is getting ready to launch later next year is called SureKey. Using more simple technology, SureKey can detect when a key has been turned in a lock. If the homeowner doesn’t remember locking the door, he or she simply needs to look at the smart key device. With an LED display, the key can tell you if the smart key was most recently used to lock or unlock the door. This smart key device is expected to be sold in stores for less than $30.

Disadvantages of Smart Keys

The disadvantage of Locky, SureKey and other smart key devices is that they do not have the ability to lock or unlock the door remotely, like a smart lock. Similarly, manual deadbolts are not connected the device, so their locking activity is not tracked. Smart keys are not able to provide temporary entry to guests or access for deliveries. They also cannot be programmed, like an access system, to allow or block entry for specific people or set times.

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