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The Latest Smartphone Bluetooth Entry Access Solutions

Check out some of the latest advancements in business entry access solutions from ISC West 2014, the largest security event in the United States. In this video and transcription, the newest smartphone bluetooth access solutions are explored.


You’re in ISC West 2014, in Las Vegas, Nevada. We’re at the COS area, the mobile area of the Assaabloy booth. I wanted to show you a couple of the new advancements that we’ve made in mobile lock technologies.

Starting here from the left‑hand side, this is a Sargent SE LP10 reader that has the ability to read our emerging technology, Bluetooth Low Energy. I have a native iPhone here, and I can unlock the door, using Bluetooth Low Energy.

I also have the ability for Android‑type phones that support both Bluetooth Low Energy, host card emulation, and NFC, to unlock it, as well. For a mixed environment of iOS devices and Android devices, the new Sargent SE LP10, in the not too distant future, will be able to support both.

We’ve also expanded our SE support for the Aperio line. Here’s an Aperio R100 reader that supports NFC and host card emulation. We have wired locks and wireless locks in the Aperio, and also in the WiFi lines. For colleges and universities, with the PERSONA Lock, they can go from Mag‑Stripe to mobile phone. Similarly, in a commercial environment, to be able to use cards, fobs, and credentials, all with the same lock at the same time.

Here, with the Yale real living lock, the ability to have mobile credentials. I can choose my different keys from my Yale lock and use them to get me into my home or my rental property. Whether it’s home, office, or university, we have the ability to use mobile phones and mobile devices to get you securely in and out of the facility.

From an integrator’s standpoint, what it offers them is the ability to future‑proof their customers’ deployments. If an integrator is making recommendations for a customer, and the customer wants to have a future‑proofed environment by going with SE‑enabled technologies, they can cover the customers’ current requirements for cards and fobs, and allow them to move forward to phones in the future.

From an ease‑of‑deployment standpoint, we have multi‑technology. We can support low‑frequency procs. We can support high‑frequency smart cards and NFCs. As you see, we also are working with emerging technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy so that, in the future, some simple upgrades can be done to allow that customer to move forward into other technologies, over the course of time.

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