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Transitioning to an Electronic Access Control System? Read This First

Change can be difficult — particularly when it might seem like something is working just fine the way it is. Having an electronic access control system installed by a professional locksmith provides businesses with a wealth of advantages that can make the change well worth it. These range from an increase in convenience and security to saving money and time.

Advantages of Electronic Access Control Systems

Increased security: Unlike traditional keys that can be easily copied, the key cards that are used within an electronic access control system require a great deal more skill and knowledge to duplicate. In addition, you can instantly delete the access code of an employee who no longer works for you. This greatly reduces the likelihood of having a disgruntled employee coming back to wreak havoc on your business or harass your other employees.

Changing your locks will be a thing of the past. Did you or an employee lose a key card? Unlike the days of past when a lost key meant that you needed to have the locks rekeyed or even changed, all that is required is simply removing that particular key code from your database or changing the access code. In addition to saving money by not having to have the locks changed, key cards also save an enormous amount of time during which your business might be vulnerable.

No more fumbling for different keys. The convenience of utilizing an electronic access control system is evident when it comes to entering and leaving different areas. For many businesses, this requires different keys which can result in lots of fumbling, time wasted and frustration. With a key card, you can provide employees with the access they need within the building by simply updating the permissions associated with their key card. One quick swipe allows them in through doors where they are needed.

Instant oversight of what is happening at your business’s entry points. Each time someone logs in using an electronic access key, its use is also logged within the system. This feature is indispensable when it comes to tracking such valuable data as response times or activities. It also enables you to effectively investigate criminal activity like theft, trespassing, vandalism and more.

Easily authorize entry from afar. Need to have repairs or maintenance work completed at your business? Schedule it at a time when you are not open — such as during the evening hours or overnight — and use your electronic access system to buzz in those authorized to be there. You will never need to leave an activity or your home to let people inside your business again.

Completely flexible to suit your business. An electronic access control system allows for flexible solutions to meet the complex needs of your business. You can configure access in a variety of ways such as restricting access to certain doors to only a few people — or no one at all besides yourself — or even not allowing certain people to gain access to areas outside a certain time range.

What to Expect With an Electronic Access Control System

Besides the numerous benefits outlined above, there are a few other things that you can expect when you switch over to an electronic access control system. Though each system could be slightly different, in most cases you will receive a computer that is loaded with software and a database program. The software runs the access control system while the database allows you to easily manage key cards, badges and authorizations. Panels that gather data are located at each door that is on the electronic access system or in a central room are connected to the computer. Each of the doors that feature electronic controlled access is outfitted with a card reader, a door position switch, an electric lock and a device that allows for exiting. Each of these devices sends information to the data-gathering panels. All of the components are either hard wired together or connected through an internet network.

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Process of Switching From Traditional Locks to Electronic Access Control

In order to begin the process of switching from traditional locks to an electronic access control system, the professional installation company will schedule a convenient time with you to perform a site visit. During this visit, their personnel meets with you to determine your needs and goals. By assessing the layout of your particular business and the extent of the labor involved, a realistic time estimate can be extended to you.

While it might seem like a huge undertaking to switch your entire business from traditional lock and keys to electronic access and that it could be highly disruptive, in most cases that is not the case. One section of your building can be worked on at a time so that only a few people will need to be relocated. For more involved work that is likely to disrupt the flow of your business, it is often possible for the work to be accomplished during those hours when your business is closed or is it running on reduced production.

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