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11 Things to Consider Before Purchasing an Access Control System

To purchase and install the perfect access control system, you’ll need to have a perfect understanding of security levels. By analyzing your business’s individual needs, you can maximize its security while meeting industry regulations. While regulatory restrictions do exist, they’re relatively easy to appease. Once they are, you’ll need to take the following into consideration before making a purchase.

Who Needs Facility Access?

Your access control system’s effectiveness will be directly related to your facility’s access needs. Does your business need after-hours deliveries? Does it need regular cleaning, maintenance and upgrades? You should consider how frequently visitors will be given temporary access, too, as common visitation will require a tight-knit control system network capable of allowing specific individuals entry.

How Many Locations Need to be Monitored?

Access control systems can monitor multiple locations simultaneously. However, more monitored locations may create higher risks. If your access control system needs to cover offices, stockrooms and employee areas, it may need to offer high-end monitoring needs.

Do You Need Mobile Access?

Many access control systems are optimized for mobile access. Likely, your workplace needs this access. Businesses requiring constant security and in-house monitoring integrate mobile accessibility to create an “anywhere-and-anytime” security network.
In general, you should purchase an access control system able to be monitored on desktop and mobile devices. Such integration will create flexibility, and flexibility is a key component of security success.

Does Your System Need to Scale?

Because technology is always changing, modern workplaces have focused on technology able to scale up. Your access control system needs to be able to transform on a yearly basis. Additionally, any software included should be exchangeable for new, upgraded versions.

How Much Balance Do You Need?

In any facility, multiple openings need to be secured. Similarly, multiple workers need access. Credential options must be flexible, and they must accommodate for multiple parties. If you’re buying an access control system, make sure it governs multiple card credentials.

Additionally, determine if your access control system needs to integrate cashless vending, time monitoring and attendance monitoring. While all locks, of course, must be monitored, a good access control system will “balance” security and features. Each user needs a high degree of control when using the system, and each user needs to be able to have a certain level of clearance.

Do You Need Wireless Locks?

Wireless locks have become increasingly popular in commercial facilities. Due to their immense security, convenience and flexibility, facility managers are expanding entire systems with wireless lock integration within access control systems. Wireless locks can be adopted by surrounding warehouses and parking garages, too, expanding your access control solutions beyond the main facility.

Do You Need a Callout Box?

While wireless locks can enhance facility security alone, they can also connect to callout boxes to boost wireless solutions. Callout boxes increase direct voice access control, giving remote workers the ability to regulate entrances on a person-to-person basis.

Who Needs to Service the System?

Because your access control system is invaluable to your business’s safety, it’ll require routine maintenance. For this reason, you’ll need to choose a provider maintaining a proven reputation. The provider must be updated, constantly, on your system’s capabilities.

Additionally, the provider must be well-versed in any sophisticated equipment, complex software or ongoing changes to your system. As access control system developers make improvements, your system will require on-site upgrades and changes. To make sure your facility is safe, your service provider must be a strategic partner.

What Reporting Capabilities Does the System Have?

Read up on the system’s reporting capabilities. Ask the provider if the system can generate standard, custom and real-time reports. Additionally, make sure any reports, once generated, are easily interpreted by everyday workers. If you can run a report quickly, easily and in a moment’s notice, you’ve found a good access control system.

What Information Backup Options are Available?

Information restoration, backup and recreation will ensure your facility’s long-term success. A system’s automatic data backup options are critical to its functionality. For this reason, you might want to consider purchasing additional hardware to cover the digital space requirements. Similarly, you should delegate weekly staff positions to create ongoing backups. Backing up data willcost your business money, but it’s entirely worthwhile.

Are Real-Time Notifications Available?

Similar to mobile access, real-time notification services are must-have features. Make sure your access control system can send out immediate notifications, schedule check-ups and create reports efficiently without needing extra network coverage. Today’s leading access control systems operate within multiple parameters, sending much-needed information about maintenance needs, routine updates and system processes.

Whether you’re purchasing an electronic keypad or a full-facility surveillance system, any access control system requires advanced integration to offer ironclad security. Before buying an access control system, make sure you’ve determined your facility’s needs. Then, determine the size of control system needed. Inform your workers, examine your options and take advantage of today’s leading options. Contact Great Valley Lockshop today by calling 610-644-5334 or request a quote here!

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