Wired Wireless Access Control

The Pros and Cons of Wired and Wireless Access Control Systems

Whether you’re looking to ramp up security and enjoy ‘smart features’ within your home or business, a traditional hardwired or wireless modern access control system can provide an array of solutions. These systems can boast basic features like keyless entry locks and controlling lighting to more vital features like security monitoring and preventing unwanted access to secure areas. However, to enjoy these benefits you’ll want to use these tips to determine whether a wired or wireless control access system is right for you.

1. System Reliability

While many home and business owners automatically assume that wireless is more reliable because it’s more modern, this is actually not true. Wired systems are indeed more reliable than wireless options because they hook directly into the structure’s electrical power source and feature backup battery power modules in case of power failures. In contrast, wireless access control systems depend on Wi-Fi connections, operate solely on battery power sources and can be impeded by interference during signal deliveries. However, potential intruders can also cut landlines and disable systems, so there’s pros and cons to each of these. Wireless access systems also depend on users to regularly check batteries and rely on strong Internet availability to maintain constant protection.

2. Cost Considerations

Currently, wired access systems still operate through older and simpler technology, making them less expensive than their wireless counterparts. This makes this option a great choice for those on a budget or who are seeking a simple security solution without all the bells and whistles that wireless access control systems can offer. While more expensive to install, this technology is steadily decreasing in price with new developments, making it more accessible to home and business owners alike.

3. Setup and Installation Flexibility

Without a doubt, wireless installations offer a greater level of flexibility when it comes to installing and setting up the system throughout homes or commercial structures. They install easier and faster than wired control implements that can limit placement of cameras, sensors and other instrumental security devices due to plug in availability to the main power source. Regardless of your choice, it’s wise to consult with an experienced residential and commercial locksmith during the design phase to determine how to get the most out of their system’s capabilities without creating safety hazards or minimizing the ability for future security upgrades.

4. Monitored Security: Breaking Down the Pros and Cons of Wired vs. Wireless Access Systems

Keeping structures and their contents secure is the primary reason for installing an access control system, so having professional monitoring is essential. Here are the pros and cons of both options to consider.

Wired Access Control Systems for Home and Business Security

A quick rundown of the general pros and cons and how they effect overall building security.

Pros of Wired:

  • Superior reliability
  • Less radio and electrical interference
  • A/C backup power and no batteries needed for 24/7 security monitoring
  • Remote monitoring capabilities via computers or smartphone connections
  • Lower cost with the same surveillance capabilities with upgrade potential
  • Can be installed during construction or renovation phases to target specific ‘problem areas’ or blind spots.

Cons of Wired:

  • Wires can be eyesores and challenging to install in certain setups leaving them visible to intruders who can cut them and disable the feed.
  • Removing the system to a new location may not be feasible.
  • Installation costs can be higher, negating the savings compared to wireless systems.
  • If renting a home or building, drilling into floors and ceilings for installation may be prohibited.

Wireless Wired Access Control Systems for Home and Business Security

Utilizing wireless technology has more pros than it does cons, especially when the cost of security for your home or business has no price tag.

Pros of Wireless:

  • Quick no-wire installation and removal and transferring to a new location is possible
  • Easy to expand and upgrade to keep up with the needs of growing businesses and technological advances
  • Ideal for concrete, cinder block buildings and small to medium floor plans
  • Affordable installation
  • Access to unlimited vantage points for camera security 24/7 that can be remotely monitored

Cons of Wireless:

  • Must be conscious of battery replacements, which can be time and money consuming
  • Radio and sensor interference is more likely in larger buildings
  • Components can initially cost more

One Final Option to Consider—Hybrid Electronic Access Control Systems

Now that we’ve evaluated the pros and cons of wired and wireless systems, let’s talk about what a hybrid electronic access system entails. This installation utilizes a combination of both wired and wireless technology to provide the best security and access solutions to meet your needs. Hybrid systems work well in most home and business situations, as they offer the ultimate in setup flexibility, use the same programming, detectors and signaling options. This lets owners have cameras and locking systems where wiring is realistic while allowing more sensitive areas to have secure hard wiring directly to the control panel. If you anticipate a challenging installation or have an older or concrete structure, this can be the perfect security and access solution for your needs.

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