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Master Key Specialists

With over 30 years of experience, our locksmiths are highly trained when it comes to making master keys.

Master Key System

At Great Valley Lockshop, we employ a team of experts who are all highly skilled when it comes to making master keys. Whether you have a small business looking to consolidate keys for just a few doors, or a corporation needing to manage and organize keys and locks for a large facility, we are the team to call.

The locksmith experts at Great Valley Lockshop provide master keying services to Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey residents.


Services to Complement Master Keying

In addition to master keying and re-keying, we also provide other security-related services for companies, public institutions and universities in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and Delaware:

Great Valley can make your life more convenient by providing master keys and we can also help with other commercial security projects, such as keyless and biometric entry solutions and commercial door installation services.

Why You Should Work with Great Valley

We know that no one enjoys carrying a massive set of keys and that it is also incredibly frustrating to have to constantly find the right key for a certain lock. Our expert master key locksmiths have a keen understanding of the craftsmanship required to make a functional and secure set of master keys.

As a master key locksmith, we measure each set of locks and provide master keys for a wide variety of purposes and industries. Check out an example master rekey project completed for an international pharmaceutical company in New Jersey.

Great Valley Lockshop is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for master key design and on-the-spot, expert re-keying services.

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Master Key Systems

  • Can a master key open any lock?

    Not exactly. By design, the great grand master key should open every lock in the system. Going down the hierarchy, the grand master and master keys are designed to open a set group of doors. Finally, change keys have the narrowest access as they are able to unlock only one lockset.

  • How does a grand master key work?

    A grand master key, or great-grand master key depending on the levels within the master key hierarchy, is a key that can open all subsequent keys under it, including master and change keys.

  • How do I get a master key copied?

    Only authorized employees or staff can request duplicate keys for a master key system when needed. To have a copy made, the locksmith will need a set of codes to identify the system and make a new key that works.

  • What is a master key system?

    A master key system allows two or more keys to open one lock. It enables a business owner or building manager to use one key for multiple locks. At the same time, it can be used to limit access to some areas for certain employees or occupants. The locks used throughout a building are organized according to a hierarchy, where many keys unlock single doors and one or a few master keys open multiple tiers of doors. At the top of the hierarchy is the grand master key which can be used with any door in the master key system. The purpose of a master key system is to maintain better control over access to areas in the building. For example, users with low-security access may be given a copy of a key that only unlocks one door, while staff or owners of the building would likely have a master key for access to all areas.

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