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We have over 30 years' experience helping some of the largest universities in the country secure their schools and campuses.

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Access control is one of the most critical parts of any school’s safety strategy. Part of this plan is giving access to students, staff and visitors at the appropriate times on a daily basis. In the tragic event of an emergency, schools need more than an access control plan. A lockdown strategy is essential to every security plan, yet doors must open on demand as individuals exit through certain areas.

Great Valley Lockshop has years of experience helping some of the largest universities in the country secure their schools and campuses. Click here to see some of our university security projects.

Our experts offer security lock options for universities, colleges, elementary, and secondary educational facilities in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland.


Creating a Campus Security Strategy

Get a Hardware Audit by an Experienced University Locksmith

Experts suggest that hardware standards should be implemented across multiple campuses or facilities. In an emergency lockdown, these standards can eliminate confusion and increase the speed of response. Contact Great Valley Lockshop to perform your hardware audit. As university locksmiths, we have consulted with universities throughout Pennsylvania with door, lock and key hardware solutions.

Create an Access Control/Lockdown Strategy

Identify details of your lockdown strategy and how it functions in relation to the access control platform at the school or college. Pay close attention to lockdown solutions, credential management and security zones.

Assign a Safety Committee

A safety committee should be comprised of faculty, front office staff, IT, health services, security, administrators and emergency responders in the community. These individuals are given the task of regularly assessing campus hardware, procedures, threats and current assets.

Revise Policies and Procedures

Pinpoint how access will be controlled for individual classrooms and throughout the school campus. Determine staff roles and responsibilities, and identify exactly who is responsible for implementing safety procedures. Actions and protocols must be clearly defined, documented and regularly tested.

Conduct Staff Training

Ensure that educators (including support personnel and substitutes) are trained regularly regarding policies and procedures. Include these policies in your school or college’s code of conduct and enforce accountability with the whole staff, and at all levels.

Why You Should Work with Great Valley

Every student, parent, teacher and staff member hopes that students can enter your building every day and learn in a safe environment. They count on you to ensure that the doors are closed to those who shouldn’t access the building.

Great Valley Lockshop extensive experience securing many campus environments, and we can assist you in developing a strategy that builds a solid foundation for today and for the future. Our skilled technicians can address a school’s issues and find a security solution that fits within the allotted budget.

We know that every school and college has its own unique needs, and we are here to meet them. Great Valley has years of experience providing some of the country’s top universities with locks and doors, as well as consulting, installation and service. Contact us today to discuss security options for peace of mind on your campus.

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Frequently Asked Questions
About University & College Campus

  • What are the main security challenges on a college campus?

    From our perspective, colleges must balance the need to ensure safety for students and faculty, privacy for residents, and increasing ‘openness’ of campus to visitors and the greater public. This can be a tough challenge. Hardware for the various buildings on campus must meet compliance requirements for educational facilities, building code and fire safety regulations, accessibility requirements for those with disabilities, as well as life-safety regulations that apply to high-capacity buildings.

  • How does access control work on a college campus?

    University security requires keeping classrooms, offices, storage areas, and other rooms locked when not in use whenever practically possible. Access control systems efficiently manage access to campus buildings, classrooms and dorms that is convenient for students and faculty while also providing a high level of security. The system identifies individuals by his or her digital credentials saved in the access card, badge, or fob.

  • Do you provide commercial locksmith services in my area?

    Great Valley Lockshop’s service area for commercial projects spans Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey. For commercial clients, we will travel throughout eastern Pennsylvania – as far west as Harrisburg and State College – Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey. It’s important to include your location when filling out a service request.

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