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What are some higher security options for universities and college campuses?

In order to help keep students safe, many universities and colleges are boosting security measures. Keyless access systems and biometric entry systems are just two advanced options that are currently available. Read about GV Lock’s school and university security services.

What is the best place to install a fire safe in the home?

The most secure place to install a fire safe is on the ground floor and at the corner between two outside walls. Learn more about GV Lock’s safe opening and installation services.

What are the benefits of using a fire safe?

Valuables such as birth certificates, savings bonds, passports, insurance policies and other personal documents should be stored in a certified fire safe. The items inside a heat-resistant safe will help you reconstruct your life if you are ever the victim of a household fire. Learn more about Great Valley Lockshop’s safe opening and installation services.

What are some higher security options for businesses?

Businesses can boost security by upgrading to a keyless entry system or biometric entry system. Our locksmiths customize access security systems to each business and commercial property. Get more information from our Security Checklist for Business Owners and read about GV Lock’s advanced commercial security services.

What are some higher security options for houses?

You might consider installing a home security system with smart home technology. These advanced systems not only offer a higher level of security, with integrated security cameras and burglar alarms, but they also have convenient features for homeowners. For example, smart locks allow you and your guests to unlock the door without keys. Entry is granted with an access code or mobile app. Doors can also be locked remotely from wherever you are. Homeowners can then check who gains entry to the home and when. Read more about Great Valley Lockshop’s residential locksmith services.

What is window tinting made of?

There is a wide range of polymers and advanced materials that constitute the commercial tinting films. They are long-lasting and provide many benefits for your commercial building. Read more about the advantages of window film.

Is window tinting applied to the inside or outside of the building?

Typically, the tinting is applied to the inside of the window, allowing it to be applied without significant expense for installation. Read more about GV Lock’s commercial window tinting services.

Is window tint hard to maintain?

No, it’s actually just as easy to clean as your current windows, especially for films that include a scratch-resistant layer. You can enjoy the benefits of commercial window tinting without having to add anything to your cleaning process. Read more about what window tinting can do for your building.

How is window film applied?

The area is prepared by covering or moving any furniture and placing drop cloths to protect the interior. The glass and gasket on the inside of the structure are cleaned using a gentle solution of dishwashing detergent and water. A solution is then applied to the glass and the film laid in place. After using a squeegee to remove any excess solution, the film is trimmed at the gasket. The film is then wiped down to provide a clean finish. The drop cloths are removed and the furniture replaced, making it look like we were never even there – except for your new window film. Read more about GV Lock’s commercial window tinting services.

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