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Why shouldn’t fire doors be propped open?

Never force open a fire door. To serve their design purpose, they must always be kept closed or equipped to close automatically in case of a fire. It’s actually against the law and subject to fines if a wedge or object is used to keep a fire door open and interferes with the function of the door's closing mechanism. When this type of door is closed, it helps shield occupants from smoke and flames for at least 30 minutes during a fire. A fire door becomes worthless if it is wedged open, posing serious risks and hazards.

What is the purpose of fire-rated doors?

Fire-resistant doors are created specifically to contain and slow down the spread of fire. When emergency escape routes are distinctly marked and secured, they also aid occupants to exit the building more quickly and easily.

Are smart locks only available for residential use?

No, there are smart locks available for nearly every type of application these days. Commercial-grade smart locks provide a higher level of security, than the average residential smart lock, but are just as easy to use once it has been installed and programmed.

What technology does keyless entry use?

Keyless entry, when it comes to residential security, can leverage a few different types of technology. You can currently find electronic keyless locks that use Bluetooth technology, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, or Zigbee. Other options include biometric readers, keypad entry systems, and proximity readers to be used with access cards or fobs.

How do you open a combination safe when you forgot the code?

If you can’t remember the code to open your combination safe, you should be able to either get an override key from a locksmith, request the code from the manufacturer or, as a final attempt, have a locksmith drill the safe open it for you.

Why is it important to securely install safes?

A safe is only effective at protecting your valuables if it is securely installed either bolted to a wall or to the floor. One of the first things that burglars look for, following a break-in, is a safe. Even if it’s locked, a burglar can easily steal a safe that is not properly secured then work to open it later.

How long does a fireproof safe last?

The lifespan of a fireproof safe, especially one with a higher fire rating, can be decades with good maintenance. This includes keeping it in a dry location, free of excessive moisture that causes rust over time.

Is it possible to design a contact-free entry process?

Yes. With proximity readers, biometric scanners, and mobile app authentication, your commercial access control system can provide a touchless entry and security process.

What is the difference between commercial and residential doors?

Residential doors are intended to be used only a few times each day, and are built out of materials that can withstand the wear and tear of a normal household. Residential doors are also certified to provide a certain degree of security when used with higher-grade hardware. Commercial doors are intended to be opened and closed multiple times per day. They are also designed to be used with commercial-grade hardware that is more durable and of a higher security grade.

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