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What should I do if a key breaks?

If your key is broken, don't attempt to unlock the door. You risk pushing the broken part into the lock and making it more difficult to extract. In these situations, it’s best to call your local locksmith.

Can keyless door locks be hacked?

Yes, there have been reports of hacking into smart locks and keyless locks through wifi connections that aren't properly secured and by taking advantage of security flaws in the system. Unfortunately, anytime a device is connected to the internet, the risk of hacking is real.

What are the benefits of using a fire safe?

Valuables such as birth certificates, savings bonds, passports, insurance policies and other personal documents should be stored in a certified fire safe. The items inside a heat-resistant safe will help you reconstruct your life if you are ever the victim of a household fire.

Can a locksmith make a safe key?

Yes. Safe keys can be duplicated, or if you have lost the key to your burglary or fire safe, a skilled locksmith can make a new key by using the safe's registration number.

What are some higher security options for businesses?

Businesses can boost security by upgrading to a keyless entry system or biometric entry system. Our locksmiths customize access security systems to each business and commercial property.

What are some higher security options for universities and college campuses?

In order to help keep students safe, many universities and colleges are boosting security measures. Keyless access systems and biometric entry systems are just two advanced options that are currently available.

What is a crash bar or panic bar?

An “exit device,” “panic hardware,” a “push bar,” “panic bar,” or “crash bar,” all of these terms mean the same thing when it comes to exit doors. They refer to a device that allows the occupants of a building to unlock a door and exit quickly during an emergency. It looks like a horizontal or vertical bar for the user to push on and release the locking mechanism of the door with a single action. Pushing on the door, rather than twisting a doorknob or pulling on a lever, is easier and faster. It also ensures that even children or individuals with physical disabilities can safely and efficiently exit the building in an emergency. Panic bars are invaluable and oftentimes

Do construction sites need special security measures?

Yes, construction sites are particularly vulnerable to theft, burglary and vandalism, yet they still contain valuable equipment and materials. To protect property owners, construction workers, and equipment, a project site should have both physical and operational security measures.

Do I need to change my locks or just have my existing locks rekeyed?

Changing a lock requires replacing the whole lock, knob or handle, and hardware. When a lock is rekeyed, we change the existing cylinder and leave the rest. Your old key will no longer work and we’ll supply a new one.

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