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How big is a commercial door frame?

32-48 inches wide by 80 inches tall: The International Building Code (IBC) specifies a minimum of 32 inches (2.67 feet) and a maximum of 48 inches for commercial doors. There are, however, exceptions. Doors at medical facilities, for example, must be at least 41.5 inches wide to allow hospital beds to move in and out of rooms. Swinging doors that do not have a mullion – or a partition between the doors – must have at least one 32-inch-wide door leaf. With limited exclusions, the IBC specifies that commercial doors must be at least 80 inches tall.

What are the minimum dimensions of a commercial exit door?

32 inches wide x 80 inches tall: According to the International Building Code (IBC), the minimum width of an egress door’s opening must be sufficient for the occupant load and provide a clear width of not less than 32 inches.

Do all fire exit doors need panic bars?

The IBC requires panic hardware and/or fire exit hardware on all emergency exit doors in buildings intended for education or assembly, with an occupancy of 50 people or more, and buildings with high-hazard applications regardless of their occupancy. When panic hardware is required for building based on use and occupancy, usually all of the doors in the means of egress from that room or area will need to be equipped with panic hardware, according to the security experts at Allegion.

Do stairwells require panic hardware?

Stairwell doors must be fitted with panic hardware (fire exit hardware) when they are part of the emergency exit path serving a room or area in which panic hardware is required. To protect the means of egress, stairwell doors should be made of fire-resistant material and equipped with fail-safe locks, except in a few rare cases.

Do stairwell doors and hardware need to allow reentry?

Yes. Stairwells are designed to provide a safe pathway for building occupants to exit in case of a fire or other emergency. Because, for example, a stairwell may be infiltrated by smoke during a fire and no longer provide a safe means of egress, occupants must be allowed to evacuate the stairwell and reenter the building to seek refuge or locate another exit.

Can I rekey my apartment lock?

Probably not without the landlord’s permission. Most common lease agreements indicate unequivocally that a tenant may not make improvements to the rented property without the authorization of the landlord and that the landlord must have access to the property. This is because, if the renter is not at home, a landlord with a key can let maintenance workers into the apartment to make necessary repairs. However, double-check your state's legislation to be sure. Tenants in California, for example, can alter the locks and refuse to share keys with their landlords.

Should I change the locks when purchasing or renting a commercial building?

Whenever a property changes hands, it’s best practice to change the locks or have the locks rekeyed. This is because a new owner or commercial property tenant can’t know for sure that all of the master keys, individual keys, and key duplicates have been collected by the previous owner or tenant. For commercial properties, offices, rentals, apartment and condominium complexes a better option may be rekeying rather than replacing the locks and hardware entirely. Rekeying a lock is usually the less expensive option.

Do you need original key to rekey a lock?

In most cases, a locksmith can rekey the locks even without the original key.

How does access control work on a college campus?

University security requires keeping classrooms, offices, storage areas, and other rooms locked when not in use whenever practically possible. Access control systems efficiently manage access to campus buildings, classrooms and dorms that is convenient for students and faculty while also providing a high level of security. The system identifies individuals by his or her digital credentials saved in the access card, badge, or fob.

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