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What is a crash bar or panic bar?

An “exit device,” “panic hardware,” a “push bar,” “panic bar,” or “crash bar,” all of these terms mean the same thing when it comes to exit doors. They refer to a device which allows the occupants of a building to unlock a door and exit quickly during an emergency. It looks like a horizontal or vertical bar for the user to push on and release the locking mechanism of the door with a single action. Pushing on the door, rather than twisting a doorknob or pulling on a lever, is easier and faster. It also ensures that even children or individuals with physical disabilities can safely and efficiently exit the building in an emergency. Panic bars are invaluable and oftentimes

What is an egress door?

An egress door is an emergency exit door. These doors are easily recognizable as exit doors because they have horizontal push bars, also known as panic bars. They are specially designed so that occupants don’t have to think about how to use them in case of an emergency. Read more about GV Lock’s exit door selection and services.

What should I do if a key breaks?

If your key is broken, don't attempt to unlock the door. You risk pushing the broken part into the lock and making it more difficult to extract. In these situations, it’s best to call your local locksmith. Read more about Great Valley Lockshop’s wide service area for emergency and mobile locksmith services.

Will my lock still work after you open it?

Your lock or car will not be damaged when it’s unlocked by our professional technicians. Read more about our Great Valley Lockshop’s automobile and emergency mobile locksmith services.

Can you duplicate a tractor key?

We can duplicate most types of tractor keys. Regardless of how old the equipment is, bring the key into our shop and we will verify the availability of blanks needed to make a copy.

Will GV Lock locksmiths travel outside of the service area?

In short, yes. We will travel to any location that requires our expertise and commitment to excellence. At Great Valley Lockshop, our specialty is working with security companies to properly install access card or keyless entry systems. We partner with several large access system contractors to properly install the mechanical locks needed to work with a new system. We are based in Chester County, Pennsylvania, our locksmiths routinely travel up to two hours for commercial and construction projects every day. In some situations, we will take on projects in states that lie outside of our traditional service area. For example, we recently completed a large project for a university with multiple campuses across Pennsylvania. The farthest location was a six-hour

Can you duplicate a car key?

Yes, for car key duplication we will need some information about your car make and model, as well as an original key. We can make copies of most transponder and chip keys. Read more about GV Lock’s automobile locksmith services.

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