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First, look for heavy duty residential grade locks and keep in mind that deadbolt locks must have 1 inch bolts. The most important part of the lock is the strike plate on the door frame. The strike plate must be secured with 3 inch screws that go into the wall studs and not just the door frame.

Home Depot and Loews carry a wide selection of locks at very inexpensive prices – so inexpensive that we cannot compete with their prices. However, we will install locks and other products that you purchase yourself, but please remember we cannot provide you with a warranty. If you find out that the lock is broken or missing parts, you will still be required to pay us for a service call so make sure everything is in tact prior to scheduling an appointment.

Although our equipment may be more expensive, many homeowners prefer to purchase locks through us because we do not charge for them upfront, only when the project is complete. We also have access to several lock manufacturers that are not available in local hardware stores. Feel free to stop by our showroom to check out our lock displays and get your important questions answered by an experienced locksmith.

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