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Here’s a great how-to video showing business owners how to remove a commercial door lock in a few simple steps.   We have also transcribed the video into text for those that would rather read the steps.

“If you have a commercial lock, I’ll take you through the steps on how to remove it. This is the lock on the outside, and here we have the inside.

You’re going to need either a punch, like I have here, or an awl.  All you need to do is push it into the small hole on the side of the handle. That’s going to release [noise] a little tab that will allow you to pull off the handle. Now, we’re going to take a screwdriver, and we’re going to release the escutcheon around the body of it.

By gently catching under the edge [noise] , we can pull the escutcheon off. Sometimes they’ll be screwed in place or they’ll have a tab. The next step, we’re going to unscrew these two screws that are holding this outside ring onto the main part of the lock.

I loosen screw on top and on bottom, and I’m pulling away this protective piece. Now, we’re going to have two more screws to loosen to free up the lock. Once you have the two additional screws removed, you can pull off this plate, and then we can get to the main body of the lock.

Now, all you have to do is grab the other side of the lock and then just pull it away, and it’ll free it from the latch. That’s the steps to remove a commercial lock from a metal door.”

For more information on commercial lock installation and removal, give us a call at (610) 644-5334 or send an email to [email protected]

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