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Great Valley Lockshop Inc. Warranty

Due to the large variety of products we service and install it is impossible to list the manufacturer’s warranty for these products.  Each specific product we carry does have a specific warranty from the manufacturer. Great Valley Lockshop Inc. (GVL) will honor these factory warranties on any product that is found to be factory defective. GVL will replace any product(s) that are not working and render an invoice at that time. If the parts returned to the manufacturer were determined to be out of warranty, the invoice will remain and we will forward the manufacturer’s documentation to the customer.  If the parts were found to be under warranty we will issue a credit for the parts to the customer once we receive the credit from the manufacturer. It should be also noted that the manufacturer will apply a “normal usage” policy to any item returned. It is understood that if the manufacturer feels the product was not used properly they might deny the warranty claim.

GVL cannot be held responsible for materials that have failed due to outside influences.  This is especially important in regards to electronic equipment which is subject to power surges and possible coordination problems with other non-GVL supplied parts.  This also applies to products that have been altered or attempted to be repaired by a non-GVL employee.

All of the installation work we complete is also guaranteed.  All the materials that we install are strictly installed using the manufacturer’s installation manuals.  All keys and keying equipment used are strictly OEM unless otherwise specified.  GVL has a Standard Operating Guideline (SOG) to match the existing hardware specification of a particular building when adding or replacing hardware.  This means that if a building has Schlage locks us will only replace a product with the same Schlage product.  At a customers request, we can deviate from our SOG but it is usually only done as a cost savings method and only after we advise the customer of their liability. Our standard labor warranty is 90 days from the completion of the work, again normal usage applies.  If there is a service contract in place that will take precedence over this warranty statement.

GVL standard payment terms are net 30 days upon credit approval.  Overdue accounts are subject to 1 ½ % Finance charge per month and the account will be placed on credit hold. Other collection charges can include court costs, attorney’s fees and up to 20% principle and interest.  These terms are printed on every invoice rendered.

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