Biometric Entry System

What Is a Biometric Entry System?

Biometric Entry System

What is a Biometric Entry System?

With the advances being made in security systems today, new technologies are constantly being introduced to companies small and large in Chester County PA and the entire Delaware Valley. While the biometric entry system has been around for many years, it is still a new, confusing, and fascinating security system to many individuals.

Using one-of-a-kind data collected from physical or behavioral characteristics, a biometric lock allows only very particular users through any given point of entry. Our secure lock systems at Great Valley Lockshop do just this; keeping secured areas safe while holding employees accountable for where they are in your facility is easier using biometric entry portals.

Because a fingerprint is a unique form of physical data that is specific to the individual, using it as an authorization code to enter restricted areas can prevent fraudulent users and trespassing. With the newness and un-surety many individuals feel regarding this innovative technology, many of the following questions tend to crop up surrounding the reliability, capabilities, and advantages of such technological security measures.

Is Using a Biometric Fingerprint Scanner Safe?

For many people who are not up-to-date with the many ways in which fingerprint technology can be used today, fingerprinting might be associated with solving crimes and popular detective shows on television. These individuals who do not understand the way a biometric fingerprint lock works may at first feel they are being treated unfairly, or as a criminal when asked to use a biometric lock. Questions such as, “Why is a fingerprint needed?” or, “What are you going to do with the fingerprint data once it has been collected?” are questions you should be prepared to answer.

The good thing about biometric fingerprint entry systems is the way they store information in a safe and secure way. When a fingerprint is scanned, the actual fingerprint is not stored in the database. Instead, a numerical sequence is created that matches the bumps and grooves of an individual’s fingerprint. With this unique numerical code:

1. Fraudulent Replication is Prevented

Finger Print Scanner

When security systems use key cards, employee information, and other methods of access to protect restricted areas, the fear of replication is always prevalent. Copying a key, duplicating an identification card, or stealing access information is always a possibility with these less secure methods of security. Because the numerical code created from a unique fingerprint is one-of-a-kind, and requires the bumps and grooves of the fingerprint to be present, it is rare that fingerprint replication will occur.

2. Misplacement of Keys and Access Cards Is Bypassed

lost keysAnother common problem with typical entry systems is the ability to easily forget a password, loose a key card, or misplace an entry badge. With fingerprint entry, only allowed persons can enter using something that can never be forgotten or misplaced; a fingerprint. Verifying your identity is straightforward, effortless, and accurate using something as inherent and characteristic as a fingerprint. The biometric lock is becoming the way of the future with its simple solutions and maximum security benefits.

With biometric locks becoming more affordable than ever, more consumers are implementing these entry systems in their businesses and even their homes. To learn more about biometric entry, call 610-644-5334 and speak to Chester County PA’s biometric lock and security experts at Great Valley Lockshop.

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