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Biometric Entry

What Is a Biometric Entry System?

Technological innovation has changed the way we think about security. Recently, biometrics play an increasing role in the security system options that are available. Identifying individuals by distinctive characteristics, biometrics uses a fingerprint, palm, face or iris for authentication. A biometric entry system uses one-of-a-kind data collected from physical characteristics to identify and grant access only to those who are authorized.

But what is the right entry system to implement in your business? Finding the right biometric solution for your office or commercial facility depends mainly on the available budget, the speed of authentication required, and your security objectives.

Effective Use of Biometric Entry Systems

Biometric information cannot be transferred or shared by individuals, in the same way keys, passwords, entry codes or access cards could be. This makes it an extremely secure and accurate way to validate personnel. Biometric entry authorization is recommended for high-security, low-population facilities or areas of the building.

These types of entry systems can be installed in public and private buildings to verify the identity of authorized personnel, track traffic, attendance, time stamping, and more. Combining a biometric system with an access control card system for dual-factor authorization can significantly strengthen the level of security in a building.

For entryways with high traffic, this type of system tends to slow down the movement of people and become difficult to manage.

Benefits of a Biometric Entry System

Because fingerprints, palms, facial features and the iris part of eyes are unique forms of physical data that are specific to individuals, using it as authorization input to enter restricted areas can prevent fraudulent access and trespassing. These access systems are very convenient for both managers and users. There is no fear of lost or stolen keys, forgotten passwords or misplaced entry badges. Identity verification is identity is straightforward and effortless.

Additionally, biometric systems are:

  • Highly accurate,
  • Provide traceable accountability,
  • Efficient at increasing security, and
  • Flexible and scalable.

Facial recognition is a specific type of biometric security system. Learn how this emerging technology is being used to improve campus security.

Concerns About Biometric Systems

Justifiably, people have a lot of questions and concerns about this new and constantly developing technology. Here are a few of users’ most frequently asked questions.

How Is Collected Biometric Data Secured?

Biometric entry systems safely store information. When a fingerprint, palm print, face or iris is scanned, the actual biometric data is not stored in an on-site database. Instead, a numerical code is given to each individual’s physical data. This unique numerical code prevents fraudulent duplication or transferral. For this reason, biometric systems offer a higher level of security than traditional keys and even key card access systems.

How do Systems Ensure our Privacy?

Basic system management measures can control who is able to access the biometric database where information stored. First, a protocol should be established about when specific information can be shared with third parties. Next, all employees collecting and accessing biometric data should be properly trained to use the information appropriately. Then, limitations should be set on who can download certain types of information when necessary. These steps decrease the risk of data being shared with unauthorized people or being stolen.

One additional option is to employ hierarchical access to the database, which allows only authorized administrators to view certain personal information corresponding to their position within the organization. With a hierarchical system, top management is only able to view the information that is necessary to carry out their job.

What if a Biometric Access System is Hacked?

Even if it’s possible for a hacker to break into the system, the numerical codes assigned to biometric data are indecipherable. This makes the data stored in the access system of little interest or value to hackers.

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