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Our Commercial Locksmith Services

With over 30 years of experience, our locksmiths really can do it all. Here are just some of
the commercial services we provide in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey:

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Do our services correlate with your commercial building security problems? Receive a quality, free estimate from our team of locksmith experts today or submit a request for one of our commercial services today. We serve commercial clients in Pennsylvania (as far west as Harrisburg and State College), Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey.

Why You Should Work with Us

We have a 24-hour emergency call service to meet your security needs at any hour of the day. When building locks are not functioning properly, give us a call and we will get your building secure and functioning properly again. We take emergency calls for anything from repairing damaged doors and panic bars to providing emergency board-up service in the event of a broken glass door or window.

We work closely with property management companies to provide seamless customer service for the building owners. By managing a client database of door keys, we are able to get you a new key immediately in the event a key is lost avoiding replacing all new locking mechanisms.

We are proud to be a factory authorized repair center for the biggest names in the lock industry. Having excellent customer service along with or high standards of business, Great Valley Lockshop is a chosen repair center for companies like Yale, Norton, Rixson and more. For companies that need their door products to have locking mechanisms installed, we can do that with a faster turnaround time than most manufacturers. Often times we’ll install the final product for the customer on behalf of the wholesale company.


  • Factory Authorized Repair Center
  • Quick 24-hour turn around for small shop jobs
  • Provide OEM master-keying systems
  • Provide OEM for maintenance of factory systems

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Our friendly staff is always available for questions or concerns when it comes to security needs in your home. Please stop in to visit our showroom located in Malvern, PA, and lock shop to meet with one of our professionals for help in purchasing items to install yourselves. We sell a variety of home locks and home security items right at our shop!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do all commercial exit doors have to be fire doors?

    No, not every door in a public or commercial building needs to be fire-rated. Only the doors along the fire exit route must be fire-rated and certified. The International Building Code (IBC) mandates that most commercial buildings have fire-rated doors as a necessary component of a passive fire control system.

  • Why shouldn’t fire doors be propped open?

    Never force open a fire door. To serve their design purpose, they must always be kept closed or equipped to close automatically in case of a fire. It’s actually against the law and subject to fines if a wedge or object is used to keep a fire door open and interferes with the function of the door's closing mechanism. When this type of door is closed, it helps shield occupants from smoke and flames for at least 30 minutes during a fire. A fire door becomes worthless if it is wedged open, posing serious risks and hazards.

  • What is the purpose of fire-rated doors?

    Fire-resistant doors are created specifically to contain and slow down the spread of fire. When emergency escape routes are distinctly marked and secured, they also aid occupants to exit the building more quickly and easily.

  • What is the difference between commercial and residential doors?

    Residential doors are intended to be used only a few times each day, and are built out of materials that can withstand the wear and tear of a normal household. Residential doors are also certified to provide a certain degree of security when used with higher-grade hardware. Commercial doors are intended to be opened and closed multiple times per day. They are also designed to be used with commercial-grade hardware that is more durable and of a higher security grade.

  • How big is a commercial door frame?

    32-48 inches wide by 80 inches tall: The International Building Code (IBC) specifies a minimum of 32 inches (2.67 feet) and a maximum of 48 inches for commercial doors. There are, however, exceptions. Doors at medical facilities, for example, must be at least 41.5 inches wide to allow hospital beds to move in and out of rooms. Swinging doors that do not have a mullion – or a partition between the doors – must have at least one 32-inch-wide door leaf. With limited exclusions, the IBC specifies that commercial doors must be at least 80 inches tall.

  • What types of commercial buildings does GV Lock service?

    Great Valley Lockshop provides commercial locksmith services. These include access control design, door and hardware supply, hardware installation, security services that meet accessibility, emergency and fire exit requirements. Our locksmiths are experienced with working on commercial buildings for educational purposes, namely colleges and universities, as well as healthcare and pharmaceutical buildings with high-security needs.

  • Do you supply doors, door frames, and locks?

    Yes, we supply lock and entry hardware. Plus, we install what we sell. For, new construction projects Great Valley Lockshop can supply doors and hardware to general contractors and install them.

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