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Our Residential Locksmith Services

With over 30 years of experience, our locksmiths really can do it all. Here are just some of
the residential services we provide in Pennsylvania - Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery counties:

residential locksmith arriving at house

  • Emergency calls for being locked out of the house
  • Emergency and scheduled service calls to repair and replace broken locks
  • Scheduled calls to change lock
  • Installing new decorative hardware
  • Installing deadbolt locks to increase your home’s security
  • Supply and installation of fire/burglary rated safes to protect valuables
  • Professional data base to keep record of customer’s keys and locks
  • Staffed showroom and shop for those “do-it-yourselfers”
  • Professional quality products at a fair price backed up by superior service


Interested in Residential Locksmith Services?

Is your home in need of rekeying? Do you need to re-evaluate the security locks in your home? Get a custom, free estimate from our team today or submit a request for one of our residential lock services. We serve residential clients in Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery County in Pennsylvania.

Why You Should Work with Us

We are an affiliate member of the Suburban West Realtors Association, abiding by a higher standard of ethics for our residential customers and realtors alike. Great Valley Lockshop works closely with many realtors in the area to provide custom security services. From installing new locks on homes to producing extra keys for lockboxes and to enable realtors to show the property, we are a seller’s trusted partner. Some benefits of working with us are:

  • Secure database to keep record of customers’ keys and locks
  • Scheduled calls to change locks
  • Professional-quality products at a fair prices backed by superior service

Visit Our
Neighborhood Showroom

Our friendly staff is always available for questions or concerns when it comes to security needs in your home. Please stop in to visit our showroom located in Malvern, PA, and lock shop to meet with one of our professionals for help in purchasing items to install yourselves. We sell a variety of home locks and home security items right at our shop!

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Residential Locksmith Services

  • What is the difference between commercial and residential doors?

    Residential doors are intended to be used only a few times each day, and are built out of materials that can withstand the wear and tear of a normal household. Residential doors are also certified to provide a certain degree of security when used with higher-grade hardware. Commercial doors are intended to be opened and closed multiple times per day. They are also designed to be used with commercial-grade hardware that is more durable and of a higher security grade.

  • Can I rekey my apartment lock?

    Probably not without the landlord’s permission. Most common lease agreements indicate unequivocally that a tenant may not make improvements to the rented property without the authorization of the landlord and that the landlord must have access to the property. This is because, if the renter is not at home, a landlord with a key can let maintenance workers into the apartment to make necessary repairs. However, double-check your state's legislation to be sure. Tenants in California, for example, can alter the locks and refuse to share keys with their landlords.

  • Will GV Lock locksmiths travel outside of the service area?

    In short, yes. We will travel to any location that requires our expertise and commitment to excellence. At Great Valley Lockshop, our specialty is working with security companies to properly install access card readers or keyless entry systems. We partner with several large access system contractors to properly install the mechanical locks needed to work with a new system. We are based in Chester County, Pennsylvania, our locksmiths routinely travel up to two hours for commercial and construction projects every day. In some situations, we will take on projects in states that lie outside of our traditional service area. For example, we recently completed a large project for a university with multiple campuses across Pennsylvania. The farthest location was a six-hour drive from our Malvern shop. For this customer, the distance was no problem; only our skilled locksmiths could be trusted to properly complete the entire project. We take great pride in the level of service that we provide for our clients.

  • Will GV Lock make copies of keys that say “do not duplicate”?

    There is currently no law in place about “do not duplicate” keys. The engraved words found on many keys for commercial properties is not actually legally binding. Some hardware stores have a policy against cutting copies of these keys without proper authorization. Our locksmiths can duplicate these keys and recommend better security solutions for businesses.

  • What are some higher security options for houses?

    You might consider installing a home security system with smart home technology. These advanced systems not only offer a higher level of security, with integrated security cameras and burglar alarms, but they also have convenient features for homeowners. For example, smart locks allow you and your guests to unlock the door without keys. Entry is granted with an access code or mobile app. Doors can also be locked remotely from wherever you are. Homeowners can then check who gains entry to the home and when.

  • How can I make my front door more secure?

    You can make your front door more secure with the following add-on security products: Add-on deadbolts High-security strike plates Latch protector plates Lock cylinder protectors Reinforcement plates Latch guard plates Exterior hinge pin protection

  • My key doesn’t work – What can I do?

    If your key broke, doesn’t work, or the doorknob keeps spinning, you may think the lock is broken. However, it doesn’t always mean a new lock is necessary. In most cases, only the lock mechanism is broken. If so, we can rekey the lock to work with a new key and change the mechanism. If the lock is broken, then we’ll install an entirely new lock.

  • How do you choose a good residential door lock?

    General recommendations for choosing reliable residential grade locks: select deadbolt locks with at least a 1-inch bolt, and hardware that can be secured with 3-inch screws driven into wall studs. Great Valley Lockshop can install locks and other products purchased from other hardware suppliers or stores. Though, many homeowners prefer to purchase locks from GV Lock because we carry a wide selection of high-quality locks from several manufacturers which you won't find in local hardware stores. Stop by our showroom to check out our lock displays and consult with an experienced locksmith.

  • How can I select the best locksmith?

    First, verify that the locksmith’s physical address and search for complaints or reviews online. Good resources for customer reviews include Yelp and Angie's List. Then, if the locksmith shows up in a car or an unmarked van, check with the BBB and ask them for their Pennsylvania Contractor Number or their ALOA (Associated Locksmiths of America) number. Finally, always request a quote.

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