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An Advanced Security Option for Your Business

We offer a variety of keyless door lock devices, quick installation and professional service. Our technicians are here to support you in protecting your business and keeping security measures up to date.

Keyless Door Locks

We know that every business is different and that every client has different security needs. That’s why our keyless entry system installation team offers customized keyless entry service options to ensure that the property is protected at all times. Our experts will help you select the right options for your particular business.

Our lock experts provide keyless entry services to Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland residents.


Benefits of a Card Access System

You can completely erase the key hassle with a card access system. A card access system comes with many benefits that make security simple:

  • Enable contact-free entry and security points.
  • Record of who entered the building and entry times.
  • Allow or restrict access for individual users without affecting others.
  • Prevent unauthorized employee access to certain areas of the building.
  • Cards can be set up with a master system, giving owners and managers access at all times, but limiting employee access to certain hours.
  • Limit who can access a particular entry in the building and when.

Benefits of Electronic Keypad Locks

Another security option for businesses is commercial electronic keypad locks. This type of system allows owner and managers to set different codes for each individual employee, change codes to limit access from unauthorized users and review who enters and exits the building at all times.

Many commercial electronic keypad locks are not hard-wired, giving you the following benefits:

  • Reduced expense
  • Access through doors even during power outages
  • Easily replaced batteries

Additionally, most commercial electronic keypad locks have the option to override with a key during an emergency.

Electronic Keypad Lever Combo

This combination is available with or without proximity capabilities. A commercial electronic keypad lever combo grants all the benefits of commercial electronic keypad locks. Plus, integrated proximity readers allow certain users to use a code, access fob or access card to gain access to the building.

Manual Commercial Keypad Locks

This is the perfect option for smaller businesses. With manual commercial keypad locks, you can change your code any time you fear someone has access to it that shouldn’t. With no electronics, there’s no worry about hard-wiring the system or changing batteries. There are several models of manual commercial keypad locks:

  • Storeroom – Door locks every time.
  • Deadbolt – Leave doors unlocked during certain time periods.
  • Knob and Deadbolt – Both options combined in one.

A manual commercial electronic keypad lever combo is perfect for a small business or home office that needs an extra level of security.

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Keyless Entry & Access Control

  • Are smart locks only available for residential use?

    No, there are smart locks available for nearly every type of application these days. Commercial-grade smart locks provide a higher level of security, than the average residential smart lock, but are just as easy to use once it has been installed and programmed.

  • What technology does keyless entry use?

    Keyless entry, when it comes to residential security, can leverage a few different types of technology. You can currently find electronic keyless locks that use Bluetooth technology, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, or Zigbee. Other options include biometric readers, keypad entry systems, and proximity readers to be used with access cards or fobs.

  • Can keyless door locks be hacked?

    Yes, there have been reports of hacking into smart locks and keyless locks through wifi connections that aren't properly secured and by taking advantage of security flaws in the system. Unfortunately, anytime a device is connected to the internet, the risk of hacking is real.

  • What is a door access control system?

    A door access control system is a level of commercial security that limits and records who enters and exits a building or high-security area within a building. Doors are locked automatically and allow authorized individuals to enter/exit via an access control device that unlocks the door. Access control devices include proximity readers, keypads, and biometric scanners.

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