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Exit devices from Great Valley Lockshop offer a number of important benefits. Above all, they are sturdy, convenient and secure.

Commercial Exit Doors

Exit Door Services

  • Hospitals
  • Movie theaters
  • Offices
  • Township buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Stores

To be certified according to ANSI/BHMA 156.3 Grade 1 Standards, this type of exit door requires 500,000 cycles of 400 lbs. of opening pressure.

We offer exit door device services to Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey residents.


Benefits of Egress Doors

When it comes to matters of safety and security, it’s important that the proper egress doors are installed. It’s vital that a business is protected by a door that can be securely locked at the point of entry yet is simple enough to be opened from the inside with minimal effort.

Egress doors are the most convenient and safe option available on the market today. Great Valley Lockshop provides efficient and reliable installation, inspection and repair services for all of your egress doors.

Benefits of Panic/Crash Bar Doors

Exit devices referred to as either panic bar doors or crash bar doors are designed, engineered and constructed to be incredibly durable. Their main job is to efficiently allow people to exit quickly and easily in the event of an emergency. For this reason, panic doors or crash bar doors must be inspected regularly to ensure that they function properly.

Consult with the experts at Great Valley Lockshop for advice on security doors in your next commercial project.

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Exit Doors & devices

  • Do all fire exit doors need panic bars?

    The IBC requires panic hardware and/or fire exit hardware on all emergency exit doors in buildings intended for education or assembly, with an occupancy of 50 people or more, and buildings with high-hazard applications regardless of their occupancy. When panic hardware is required for building based on use and occupancy, usually all of the doors in the means of egress from that room or area will need to be equipped with panic hardware, according to the security experts at Allegion.

  • Do stairwells require panic hardware?

    Stairwell doors must be fitted with panic hardware (fire exit hardware) when they are part of the emergency exit path serving a room or area in which panic hardware is required. To protect the means of egress, stairwell doors should be made of fire-resistant material and equipped with fail-safe locks, except in a few rare cases.

  • Do stairwell doors and hardware need to allow reentry?

    Yes. Stairwells are designed to provide a safe pathway for building occupants to exit in case of a fire or other emergency. Because, for example, a stairwell may be infiltrated by smoke during a fire and no longer provide a safe means of egress, occupants must be allowed to evacuate the stairwell and reenter the building to seek refuge or locate another exit.

  • Do you provide commercial locksmith services in my area?

    Great Valley Lockshop’s service area for commercial projects spans Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey. For commercial clients, we will travel throughout eastern Pennsylvania – as far west as Harrisburg and State College – Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey. It’s important to include your location when filling out a service request.

  • What is an egress door?

    An egress door is an emergency exit door. These doors are easily recognizable as exit doors because they have horizontal push bars, also known as panic bars. They are specially designed so that occupants don’t have to think about how to use them in case of an emergency.

  • What is a crash bar or panic bar?

    An “exit device,” “panic hardware,” a “push bar,” “panic bar,” or “crash bar,” all of these terms mean the same thing when it comes to exit doors. They refer to a device that allows the occupants of a building to unlock a door and exit quickly during an emergency. It looks like a horizontal or vertical bar for the user to push on and release the locking mechanism of the door with a single action. Pushing on the door, rather than twisting a doorknob or pulling on a lever, is easier and faster. It also ensures that even children or individuals with physical disabilities can safely and efficiently exit the building in an emergency. Panic bars are invaluable and oftentimes mandatory for use in hospitals, nursing homes, other healthcare facilities, and large residential buildings. Many businesses, educational, government, and military facilities use them as well. Some types of crash bars come with their own high-decibel alarms; these alarms can be used to alert management if a door is opened without authorization. Fire-rated crash bars are used on fire-rated doors, which are usually interior doors. Because a crash bar is an extremely important piece of hardware, improper installation means risking the lives of building occupants. Installation should be entrusted to only to experienced, professional locksmiths.

  • Do I need an egress door in my facility?

    In general, buildings, where more than 50 occupants can assemble, are required to have exit devices. Laws regarding the type of emergency exit door or delayed egress door required and proper installation vary by state. These doors must respect relevant fire safety and building codes and may need to be approved by the appropriate authorities before installation.

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