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security system vs guard dog

Security System vs Guard Dog: Which Deters Intruders More Effectively?

There is no questioning it: a combination of a guard dog and a compatible security system would best deter burglars. But what if you can only choose one? Not all security systems are compatible with having a constantly moving dog in the house.

Old and new research publications have proven that having a dog in your house can effectively deter burglars from breaking into your residence. A dog is a major occupancy cue or a sign that someone inhabits the house and can be harder to break into.

Despite this, dogs require special training to detect intruders properly, unlike security systems designed to detect burglaries and coordinate with you and the proper authorities.

Now the burning question is, which one is better: security system vs guard dog?

In this article, we’ll go through the advantages and disadvantages of security systems and having dogs for security purposes.

Key Takeaways

  1. Although guard dogs are a good addition to security measures, security systems offer homeowners a broader range of protection.
  2. Guard dogs require extensive training to have the right discipline to protect owners.
  3. Great Valley Lockshop can help you install the right security system that is compatible with dog owners.

Who Will Win? Guard Dog vs Security System

Ultimately, a comprehensive security system tops a dog when detecting break-ins and alarming you about the situation. While dogs are a great deterrent to burglars, dogs alone are not the most reliable security systems you want for your home.

There is no denying that dogs make good companions and can scare away potential burglars, but they also come with shortcomings when protecting your properties. Regardless of breed, dogs cannot alert the authorities if a break-in happens. It cannot also send you alerts to inform you about the break-in.

Such is the most significant shortcoming of dogs if you want to keep them for security purposes. Alert systems have a wide range of functionalities, from securing all entry points to capturing an image of the burglar.

Despite this, if you have an existing security system and you want to get a dog, this may prove to be a good combination. Just ensure the security system is equipped to detect and discern between your dog and a burglar.

Contact Great Valley Lockshop today and let our experts assess your residence. Our team can suggest and install the best-fit security system for you, with or without a dog in your residence.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Guard Dogs

Getting dogs for security purposes is a good idea. You get a live alarm system plus a life-long companion. Despite this, there are many considerations if you want a dog that can protect you from danger.

Below, we listed some of the most prominent advantages and disadvantages of having guard dogs as part of home security systems.

Advantages of Guard Dogs

Dogs offer protection for their owners. They can be trained to accommodate visitors and be aggressive to threats.

Here are some advantages of having protection dogs in your home:

  1. Dogs are great deterrents for any potential intruder. Some reports revealed that burglars are less likely to break into a house, which can present potential resistance.
  2. Dogs can detect unusual sounds, movements, and smells. Their alertness and very sharp senses can help alarm you of anyone trying to watch your property.
  3. Dogs are not affected by power outages, unlike alarm systems. As long as a dog is well-fed, it can offer you 24/7 protection.
  4. Dogs provide comprehensive coverage. They can scout all areas of the house to detect any unusual occurrences.
  5. Dogs can intuitively respond to protect you from threats.
  6. Beyond their security role, guard dogs can offer emotional support and companionship to their owners and their families, contributing to a sense of well-being and safety within the household.


Disadvantages of Guard Dogs

Having dogs and maintaining them requires a lot of investment. You need to train dogs and care for them, which can be a disadvantage to some.

Here are some disadvantages of having a guard dog as the only security measure:

  1. Security dogs require intensive training to discern threats from non-threats. It is instinctive for a dog to bark at anyone, so they require training to detect threatening situations.
  2. Dogs require intensive healthcare. Similar to humans, dogs require close monitoring of health.
  3. Most dogs require regular interaction with their owners. This means they are not suitable to be left alone and will need someone to take care of them in case you go on vacation. You will still need a house sitter.
  4. Not all dog breeds are suitable as guard dogs. Some breeds were developed as mere pet dogs and have a very gentle nature.
  5. Potential for false alarms. Guard dogs may perceive harmless stimuli as threats, leading to false alarms or unnecessary disturbances.
  6. Guard dogs are susceptible to poisoning if malicious individuals attempt to harm them to bypass security measures.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Security System

Home security systems have various features that can help deter, detect, and alert in case of break-ins. In addition, alarm systems can be integrated with other devices for real-time solutions.

Some security systems can show you surveillance footage of your property in real time. Others can even alert you in case of unusual movements.

However, security systems also come with their own set of disadvantages.

Advantages of Security Systems

Home security systems offer more than just deterrence. They are also useful in identifying potentially threatening cases.

Here are some of the key advantages of security systems:

  1. Security systems offer 24/7 monitoring. Stationary security systems can monitor your entire property even while you are sleeping or when away.
  2. Modern security systems often include features that enable remote access and control via smartphones or computers. This allows homeowners or security personnel to monitor the premises, arm/disarm alarms, and receive real-time alerts from anywhere with an internet connection.
  3. Integration with other security features. Security systems can adapt to different situations by integrating them with other applications. This feature widens their use without having to purchase an entirely new unit.
  4. Security cameras can collect pieces of evidence. Surveillance cameras are great devices when trying to identify burglars.
  5. Real-time features are best for quick emergency response. Alert systems that show you real-time situations can help you act faster in case of emergencies.
  6. Installing a security system may qualify homeowners or businesses for discounts on insurance premiums or eligibility for rebates from insurance providers.


guard dog vs security system

Disadvantages of Security Systems

Although security systems can be comprehensive, every model comes with their own disadvantages.

  1. Security systems can be expensive. The more comprehensive you want your security system to be, the more you must invest.
  2. Security systems are often highly dependent on electricity and connectivity. While some offer backup energy sources, this detracts from their all-around use. Internet connection must have the same feature to ensure consistent security.
  3. Some security systems require intensive learning, especially those with advanced features.
  4. It can be costly to maintain security systems. In some cases, you need to update automated systems and recalibrate them to ensure accuracy.
  5. Security systems have limited effectiveness against insider threats. If the burglar is from the inside or intends to break in without the fear of being detected, security systems usually have no way of fighting back.
  6. Installing a security system, especially one with multiple components or advanced features, can be complex and time-consuming.

Is the Combination of a Security System and a Guard Dog Better?

Absolutely. Having a guard dog and a comprehensive system can effectively offer protection and is a great home security tip. Guard dogs can serve as physical deterrents that can fight back against intruders, whereas cameras can continue monitoring even while everyone is asleep.

Dogs are a great addition to an existing security system. Despite this, you may need to consider adjusting your security system. You may need a pet-friendly security system that will not mistake your dog for an intruder.

Do you have any idea which security system and features you need exactly? Contact Great Valley Lockshop today and get your place evaluated by experts. Our team specializes in installing security systems and alert features for residences.

How to Train Your Dog to Be a Guard Dog at Home?

Dogs, by nature, are very protective, which makes them great companions at home. Despite this, different dog breeds have different characteristics. Dogs can be trained to be very docile and friendly, but this won’t make them great at protecting their owners.

There are several training courses designed to help dogs learn how to become great guard dogs. At home, you can do the following steps to train them:

  1. Establish leadership. Dogs are naturally playful, regardless of breed. They should understand that their owners offer guidance and leadership as a start of training.
  2. Start with basic obedience training. Start with simple commands, such as sit, stay, and come, which can be the foundation of their learning.
  3. Acquaint your dog with family and friends. Dogs can be very cautious. This can lead to them barking at anyone, even if they are not a threat. Prevent this by socializing your dog with your close friends and family.
  4. Introduce guarding behaviors. Teach your dog to bark on command by associating the command “speak” with the barking behavior. Reward your dog when they bark on command to reinforce the behavior.
  5. Use positive reinforcement when teaching them. Dogs respond to positive reinforcement. They learn that something is good or allowed when you provide them with rewards.
  6. Maintain consistency in training. Practice guard dog training regularly to reinforce desired behaviors and maintain your dog’s skills. Consistency and repetition are key to solidifying training concepts.

It is always best to seek the guidance of a professional trainer to properly teach a dog how to behave and protect their owners. This guarantees your dog will respond to the right stimuli and avoid unnecessary aggressiveness.

Get the Right Security System from Great Valley Lockshop

Finding the security system with the right features for your house and a dog can be difficult. Not all residences are the same; therefore, they require different features.

Great Valley Lockshop boasts a team of experts who can help you fortify your security system at home. From changing old locks to smart versions and installing burglary-proof safes, we can do it for you.

Call Great Valley Lockshop at (484) 324-2986 or request a free estimate with our easy online form.


What is the difference between a security system and a security guard?

A security system is an integration of different security devices that all aim to protect and monitor a particular space from threats. On the other hand, a security guard is a human employee who works on-site to protect a property.

What’s the difference between a protection dog and a guard dog?

A protection dog is trained to defend its owner or property against threats actively, while a guard dog is trained to alert its owner to the presence of intruders through barking or other behaviors.

Are dogs the best home security?

While dogs can be a great component of your home security, they also come with their own disadvantages. They may not be the best option for every situation, as their effectiveness can vary depending on factors such as breed, training, and the specific security needs of the household.

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