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Portable Security Devices that Actually Work 

There are a number of ways to increase the security of your home, and one of them is to install or use add-on locking devices on your doors. There are a variety of these devices available, and they can provide an extra layer of protection against intruders.  

But with all the low-quality security products out there, it can be tough to know which aftermarket lock device is the best purchase. So, we’ve put together a list of recommendations.  

Top 5 Add-On Door Lock Devices 

1. LOKmate Dual Magnet Deadbolt Guard 

This versatile lock is easy to use even when you are away from home. The LOKmate device can easily be adjusted to fit any deadbolt. It has a universal design that attaches to the edge of the door and over the deadbolt knob. Strong magnets hold it in place on the hardware while keeping the deadbolt from being unlocked even with a key. 

 The biggest advantage with this type of device is that it is also very easy to remove for occupants of the room. If there were ever a fire or an emergency requiring a quick exit, they simply pull the device off the hardware, overcoming the magnetic pull, and the hardware can then be used as normal.  

2. Addalock®  

This door lock device is marketed as an easy-to-use product both while traveling and while at home. We recommend it especially for use on interior doors, such as hotel rooms, rental rooms, and dormitories. It can even be used on doors that don’t already have a lock installed.  

Instructions on how to use the Addalock device can be found inside the packaging. Basically, you install the portable lock by placing one end of the device in the door while it’s open and the other over the lock once it’s closed. When the extra locking device is in place, it blocks anyone from opening the door from the outside. Even when a lot of force is put on the door, having the lock engaged keeps the door from opening.  


The Addalock device is a cost-effective option; you can order it on Amazon for about $15. And, though it’s lightweight and easy to pack in a carryon or purse, it is robust enough to provide that extra level of security that you need. 

3. Super Grip Lock 

The Super Grip Lock was designed to lock down your deadbolt so that whoever has a key cannot unlock the door. The device is a simple strap accessory that residents or travelers can use to wrap around the deadbolt lock on the inside of the door. The advantages of this add-on device are that it’s inexpensive, easy to carry, and can render a door difficult to open even for someone who has a key to the lock or who picks the lock. 

To install the Super Grip Lock, you simply need to slip the end of the strap over the thumb turn of the deadbolt. Then, you should wrap the strap tightly around the deadbolt handle and then the doorknob. Finally, you need to fix the Super Grip in place using the Velcro attachment.  


As you can see, this add-on device does work to make it extremely difficult to unlock or open a door. On the downside, the effectiveness of this device depends on the user to install it tightly and correctly and it may cause damage to the lock mechanism or door hardware over time. So, we would recommend this device as an extra measure in temporary situations, but not as a daily home security device.  

4. Door Jammer Lockdown 

The Door Jammer is a portable lock device that attaches to the bottom of the door. It is engineered with a foot that blocks the door from opening when pressure is applied from the outside. Acting as a wedge, it actually redirects force placed on the opposite side of the door. Using a clamp-like component, the Door Jammer can be adjusted to the relative height of the door in relation to the floor. As the video demonstration shows, this Door Jammer device can be an effective barricade measure. 

To use this add-on device, you simply slip the L-side of the wedge under the bottom of the closed door from the inside. Then, twist the foot up or down until it fits tightly against both the door and the floor.  

5. Calslock Door Lock 

There are two components to this add-on security device. It features a notched hammer bar that hooks into a stainless-steel sliding clamp. To use the Calslock device, you need to hook the hammer bar into the strike plate of the door frame when the door is open. Then, close the door with the hammer bar in place and then insert the sliding clamp over the notches of the bar until it fits tightly up against the inside of the door. 

For reinforced protection while traveling, this device works. It keeps the door closed even when a lot of pressure is applied to the door and if the person on the outside has a key. This is important because mistakes do happen with hotels issuing keycards to the wrong person, for example. 

It’s important to note that it can take 15-20 seconds to remove the device and requires manual dexterity. You have to squeeze the clamp to extract it from the hammer bar and get it off over all the notches before you can open the door.  

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