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A modern office building that has smart tinted windows on the exterior and privacy film on interior glass.

Self-Tinting Glass: the Commercial Solution to Window Treatments

Window tinting films are set to change everything for commercial buildings in the future. Now, advances in this type of add-on window treatment are turning office structures into smart buildings. Self-tinting glass film and polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) film offer numerous benefits for buildings with large windows and glazed surfaces—both on the exterior and interior.

What Is Self-Tinting Window Film?

There are different types of smart glass films available on the market. Transitional film, for example, automatically tints windows to allow less light in during the sunniest part of the day and switches to clear as sunlight decreases. Transitional glass films tint automatically, without power, in response to the amount of light in the environment.

Electronic window tint films can be programmed and adjusted remotely to switch from clear to opaque on demand. This after-market product has liquid crystal molecules sandwiched between two layers of film that can be applied to interior and exterior glass. When electricity is applied this type of window treatment, it switches from a frosted affect to clear. It provides privacy in an instant.

What Are the Advantages of Self-Tinting Window Film?

But more interesting than what self-tinting glass film is or how it works, is how it works to your advantage. It offers some extremely valuable benefits.

Balanced Natural Light

It allows for more natural light without any of the associated glare from exterior sources that can be a problem with traditional window treatments, like blinds. The film darkens when direct sunlight comes through windows without making the room dark. This has additional benefits for those living and working inside the building when compared to conventional, untreated windows; surveys have found that the film helps decrease headaches, drowsiness, and eye strain caused by light glare.

Blocking Harmful UV Rays

Window tinting treatments block the majority of damaging ultra-violet sunlight. Premium brands are even able to keep up to 99% of UV rays out of the building. This goes a long way towards preventing skin damage as well as the fading affect on furniture, carpet, flooring, and artwork.

Energy Savings

When glass automatically tints, it assists commercial buildings in cutting down on energy consumption. Smart window tint helps regulate indoor temperatures by blocking out excess solar energy. It limits the heat of sunlight entering the windows thereby reducing the demand on air conditioning units and expense of powering HVAC systems.

Even Better Views

Curtains, shades, and blinds can keep excess light out but at the expense of the wonderful views that were the reason for installing windows in the first place. Tinting film is a great solution because it can eliminate the need for window treatments all together and allow you to enjoy the view at every hour of the day and night.

Enhanced Privacy

Temperature control isn’t self-tinting glass’s only perk. Some films provide privacy when needed by turning clear glass to a solid color with the touch of a button.


Self-tinting window film is an affordable, attractive alternative to traditional window treatments.

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