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What Window Tinting Film Can Do for Your Building

Summer is the perfect time to talk about commercial window tinting as they provide some valuable benefits for commercial buildings, especially when the sun is strongest.

Window tinting films have been revolutionized in recent years. Gone are the days of odd colors and peeling corners, modern films are a long-lasting investment for commercial buildings. They can make a commercial building more energy efficient, comfortable and secure. Plus, window tinting film can help protect the interior of a building while making the exterior look more sleek and professional.

Save Energy with Window Tinting Film

When the days are long and the sun beats down, your building is put under additional stress. During the summer, the air conditioning system must work harder to cool the building and energy costs skyrocket. Window tinting film can deliver significant return on investment by blocking much of the sun’s heat. High-performance film can filter 50 to 75% of solar heat transfer into the building. Installation of this type of film will noticeably reduce the operating costs of most commercial buildings, especially during the summer months.

Winters are also particularly harsh in the Philadelphia area. In the cold months, window film helps energy savings by acting as an extra layer of insulation. All year long, the film works to balance the temperature throughout the day and throughout the building.

Make the Building More Comfortable

The environment within your commercial building benefits from window tinting films. Employees and clients alike will feel the difference all year around. Solar-filtering window film helps eliminate hot spots in the office, regulate the amount of light entering each room and reduce glare on computer screens.

Easily Increase Security & Privacy

Unfortunately, severe weather, accidents and vandalism are a reality for any commercial building. Window films also function to protect the building from further damage. These films act as a protective layer if the glass is damaged or shattered which holds even the smallest pieces in their position until the window can be replaced. This reduces the risk of injury to everyone visiting or working in the building, plus it makes cleanup much easier.

Window tinting and films are also designed to increase privacy for commercial spaces while letting ample natural light into the building and without inhibiting the panorama. One-way privacy films block the view into office or living spaces but are virtually invisible for anyone inside looking out.

Protect the Building’s Interior

Heat from the sun and ultraviolet rays damage furniture, electronics, carpet, window treatments, and even merchandise, over time. Maintain the value of the building’s interior by blocking these harmful effects. Tinted window films help extend the life of office furnishing and more. They filter out the majority of harsh UV light and heat to prevent fading and solar damage to everything within the building.

Enhance the Look of the Building’s Exterior

Modern window tinting and films can give a fresh, sleek, professional look to any building, new or old. With films, every glassed surface is immediately given a neat appearance. Even if curtains or blinds are different from one room to the next, commercial window films make the building look uniform from the outside.

There is a wide selection of styles and designs available, including a sandblasted, frosted or etched effect. You can also choose custom window tinting films to show special patterns, a company logo or business name. Today’s window films are durable and long-lasting, but they are also a flexible solution; they can be peeled off and exchanged for a new design without having to replace the glass.

Low-Maintenance Shine

Very little maintenance is required for window tinting and film. Window film is less porous than glass, so it decreases the visibility of dirt and streaks to keep the exterior looking shiny and extend the period between glass cleanings.

When the windows do need to be washed, we recommend using a simple water and mild detergent solution and wiping it off with paper towel or a soft cloth. There are also silicone products that can be used occasionally to polish the surface of films applied to the interior of buildings in order to prevent scratches.

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