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window tint film signs that it should be replaced

How to Tell if it’s Time to Replace the Window Tint

When you have tint on your building’s window, eventually, the film on the window will start to fail. This failure can happen when the film becomes damaged. There are signs that indicate that you may need to replace or repair your window tint.  

One of the main causes of window tint wear is extreme weather, it can impact the tint on your window. For example, strong UV exposure and heat for extended periods of time can decrease the lifespan of the window treatment. 

As the window tint ages, you may begin to notice the quality and appearance begins to deteriorate. When you begin to see these signs, it is an indication that the tint is no longer doing its job. 

1. Bubbles, Bulges, and Air Pockets in the Tint 

When you begin to see air pockets that are forming under the tint on the window, this is a sign that the tint should be replaced or repaired. When you see bubbles in the tint, it may be a sign that the tint was not installed correctly. When there are air pockets in the tint, it may make your windows look old. A great way to avoid bubbles is to have the tint installed by a professional. They are the experts and ensure the tint is done correctly. 

2. Edges Are Peeling 

When the edges of the film begin to peel, it means the adhesive used during the installation was not sufficient. It could also mean that the installer did not follow the proper steps. Sometimes, this happens as the tint gets old. In addition, you may hear cracking sounds when opening and closing the windows. This cracking sound occurs when the tint becomes brittle. 

3. Holes in the Tint 

When there is a puncture in the tinted film, it may be caused by sharp objects such as a screw, nail, or key. While this may seem unlikely to happen, it is possible. Any type of tool or equipment may cause a puncture. 

4. Scratched Surface 

When you see scratches in the tint, that is the first sign of wear and tear with your tint. Debris can blow around on windy days and scratch the tint on the window. 

5. Discoloration or Uneven Fading 

After having tint on the windows for a few years, they may start to darken. The tint begins to darken because the sun’s heat can cause the window’s tint to darken. When this happens, you will need to replace the tint with a new tint. So even if your old tint appears to be in good shape, you should still consider replacing it. You will want to replace it before the tint begins to look old or faded. 

6. Adhesive Begins to Fail 

You may begin to see the adhesive stop adhering to the window frame or glass. For example, when a tint is applied to your window, an adhesive is used to ensure that it sticks. However, when the adhesive loses its grip, it no longer sticks to the window; the tint is no longer effective. 

Time for a Change?

If you are interested in changing the look and feel of your home, you can replace the tint on your window. You can create a modern look for your home by adding a darker tint. A dark tint also blocks more of the sun from coming into your home. 

You can change it to a lighter tint if you want a more open feel for your home. For example, a lighter tint on your window helps to open it up and gives you an airy feel. 

Any of these signs are an indication that it is time to replace or repair your window tint. 

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