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Keyless Locks Affected by Variance in Weather

How Weather Affects a Keyless Lock

Keyless locks are becoming increasingly popular in the business world for both their security features and convenience. One of the advantages of keyless locks is that they’re not impacted by many of the issues that standard locks are during cold snaps and heat waves.

There some important factors to consider, however, related to the effect that seasonal weather changes have on keyless locks. These include battery drain, mechanical issues and jammed buttons. Find out more about these issues which can impact the functionality and performance of all kinds of keyless lock systems. 

What are Keyless Locks?

Keyless locks are available in two main configurations – mechanical and electronic. Mechanical keyless systems include a push-button key pad and a spring-loaded locking mechanism. Electronic keyless locks, on the other hand, run on batteries.

The main advantages of electronic keyless locks are that you can program the entry system and review time-stamped access activity whenever it’s convenient. For commercial settings, it’s easy for business owners to grant or restrict access for employees, staff, suppliers or repair services in a set window of time. In residential settings, homeowners can program electronic keyless systems to give access to roommates, guests, children or delivery services, just to name a few examples. They can also be integrated into a more advanced smart home system.

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How Can Weather Impact Keyless Locks?

Here are some of the ways that weather can affect keyless locks.

Battery Drain

Similar to cell phone batteries, electronic keyless locks have a shorter battery life when subjected to prolonged periods of cold temperatures. Cold snaps have the potential to drain battery life. This is one of the important considerations users need to weigh when choosing between a mechanical or electronic lock.

Under normal conditions, though, users need to change out batteries on electric locks about once a year.

Mechanical Issues

These types of keyless locks are considered “all-weather,” so exposure to water, in the form of rain or snow, is usually not a problem. However, exposure to high or low temperatures can play a role in how keyless locks work. Regularly oiling the locking mechanisms can often be the solution to poor functionality. Regardless of the type of lock on your home or business, it’s important not to shrug off the occasional maintenance.

Jammed Push Buttons

Mechanical keyless locks require users to punch in an access code on a keypad. One weather-related issue occurs when the keypad gets wet. If this moisture then freezes, it can potentially cause the keypad buttons to jam. This would block users from accessing the building. For a quick fix to this problem, try using a hair dryer to defrost the keypad and dry the excess moisture.

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While keyless locks still require some regular maintenance to ensure their long-term effectiveness, they tend to be a much more worry-free option. If you are considering switching to this type of system, ask your local locksmith for recommendations regarding the right hardware solution for your home or business.

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