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What to Do if Your Keyless Lock Battery Dies

Today’s technology allows us added convenience in several areas of our lives, including home security. Keyless locks and security systems make it easy to enter the home with a click of a button or a swipe of a specially designed card. There is no more fumbling through your purse or pockets to produce a set of keys. You can unlock your door before you ever get to the front porch making entry into your home fast and easy.

Along with this convenience, however, you’ll find there may be a few glitches along the way, especially if you do not perform regular maintenance checks. One of the most common problems homeowners have with keyless entry systems is the battery in their system dying. While every system is different, there are a few things you can do to try to bring your system back up if this happens to you.

Perform Proper Maintenance

Make an Appointment with a Locksmith

Most keyless entry systems are designed with an indicator light to let homeowners know when their battery is starting to get low. Instead of putting it off, call your locksmith and have them perform a maintenance check. If you put off replacing the battery, after a few days, you may have to find a way to override your system and gain entry into your home in another way.

Make Sure the Locksmith Checks:

  • Batteries in your key fobs
  • Control panels
  • Door keypads
  • Any other devices that use batteries

The locksmith should also test the call buttons, ensuring they work properly so that you are able to reach the proper authorities if needed.

Know Your Keyless Entry System

Does It Have An Override Mechanism?

Many systems now offer mobile app connections that allow you to access your system from your phone. If this is the case and you realize that your keyless door lock has no power, you may be able to turn off your system using your phone.

This will allow you to use your key to unlock the door and gain entry into your home. When your security system or keyless door lock was installed, you received a manual that detailed how to use the system. Make sure that you read it thoroughly so you know exactly what to do if your battery dies or you find yourself without power and need to find a way inside your home.

Overriding the System

Most keyless locks have override systems that allow you to bypass the lock and gain entry to the home without setting off alarms or notifying the authorities. Even if you just have the keyless keypad type of lock, getting into your home after its battery dies can be a challenge.

Try This First: Attempt to Override the System

The first thing to do is to override the system. If there is no alarm attached to the door, you may be able to simply use your key to unlock the door. Insert the key into the keyhole, rotating it counterclockwise (in most cases) until the lock is disengaged and the door opens when you turn the knob.

If All Else Fails: Try Emergency Lock Override

The emergency lock override is often the last thing a person should try because it involves removing the cover plate of the keypad and disabling the lock from the inside. Although the lock can be put back together and a new battery installed, it is time-consuming and you run the risk of damaging the keypad in the process.

Convenience and Security Are Worth the Minor Frustrations

Keyless locks are an excellent way to secure your home. They offer both convenience and security, but they also drawbacks that can make using them frustrating. It is important to check your battery often or have a locksmith come and check your system to make sure the batteries are good and alarms are working as they should be.

Read the manuals and instruction guides that came with your system so that you know what to do if a battery dies or you lose power. Many have simple solutions that are easy to use and will allow you access to your home without compromising your security system in any way. Take the time to check your system on a regular basis and properly maintain your keyless keypads so you don’t have to worry about the shelf life of your battery or where your keys may be located.

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