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What are the main security challenges on a college campus?

From our perspective, colleges must balance the need to ensure safety for students and faculty, privacy for residents, and increasing ‘openness’ of campus to visitors and the greater public. This can be a tough challenge. Hardware for the various buildings on campus must meet compliance requirements for educational facilities, building code and fire safety regulations, accessibility requirements for those with disabilities, as well as life-safety regulations that apply to high-capacity buildings.

Why do universities need specialized security solutions?

Security should always be one of the main priorities for educational institutions. From schools to universities, effective, efficient security solutions are needed to keep students, staff and teachers safe.

What locksmith services do you provide for buildings under construction?

GV Lock works directly with contractors to secure construction sites, property surrounding a job site, and valuable construction equipment.

What locksmith services do you provide for new buildings?

GV Lock works directly with contractors to design and implement a security plan for new buildings. This could include a master key system, keyless entry system, and/or access control system.

Do you need original key to rekey a lock?

No. A lock can be rekeyed by a locksmith, using special tools and techniques, even if the original key is not available.

Is it more expensive to rekey or replace locks?

In almost all cases, it will be more expensive to replace a lock than to have it rekeyed.

Can master lock keys be duplicated?

Yes, any key in the master lock system can be duplicated by the locksmith.

Can a master key open any lock?

Not exactly. By design, the great grand master key should open every lock in the system. Going down the hierarchy, the grand master and master keys are designed to open a set group of doors. Finally, change keys have the narrowest access as they are able to unlock only one lockset.

Do all commercial exit doors have to be fire doors?

No, not every door in a public or commercial building needs to be fire-rated. Only the doors along the fire exit route must be fire-rated and certified. The International Building Code (IBC) mandates that most commercial buildings have fire-rated doors as a necessary component of a passive fire control system.

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