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Why Your Company Should Consider Cloud-Based Access Control

In recent years, access control systems have become the new standard for commercial security. Now, the added benefits of cloud technology are making access control systems even better. Decision-makers at your company should consider the following advantages:

  • Scalability,
  • Reliability,
  • Automatic updates,
  • Increased security,
  • Centralized security operations,
  • Instant, synchronized data,
  • Remote management,
  • Flexible pricing,
  • Better collaboration,
  • Lower IT expenses.

How Do Cloud-Based Access Control Systems Work?

Traditional access control systems were developed to enable keyless entry and centralized security management for large commercial buildings or residential facilities. They were considered a breakthrough in security technology. Yet, there are some disadvantages to these systems, including high investment and IT costs, and limited network flexibility for the number of doors which can be managed.

Now, with cloud-based systems, more businesses are able to utilize access control and benefit from its many advanced features. Companies can still manage entry permissions, review traffic data, grant temporary access for contract workers or service providers, and monitor employee time logs. Plus, with the addition of cloud computing, these activities don’t require expensive servers and can be easily programmed to fit each businesses’ needs.

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What Are the Advantages of Cloud-Based Access Control Systems?

If you’re wondering how cloud technology can enhance access control, learn about the many advanced features which make this type of system even more secure, practical, and user-friendly.

1. Scalability

Unlike traditional access control systems, there is no limit to the number of doors which can be monitored and controlled. Cloud-based systems can be easily modified to fit the security needs of any building. With some simple programming, this software as a service (SaaS) can be customized to the exact number of interior and exterior doors, entry points, and elevators. Cloud systems cut the need for new servers and wiring to connect additional components. Coverage is flexible and essentially unlimited; it can be scaled up or down as the size of the workforce and facility grows or downsizes.

2. Reliability

On-site data storage presents a security risk and is a costly activity in the long term for many businesses. With cloud storage, however, business owners don’t need to worry about backup activities, power surges, network failures, destruction or theft of data. Cloud access control hosts have advanced servers and powerful backup systems to guarantee reliable service and data security.

3. Automatic Updates

Entrusting access control to a system with cloud hosting means forgetting about expensive and time-consuming software updates or upgrades. The service provider automatically updates the software as often as needed without charging extra or disrupting your daily business activities. This keeps the system running efficiently and safely with all the latest security patches.

4. Increased Security

As always, companies can block access permission immediately for suspicious users, discontinued service providers, and former employees. But now, cloud services deliver an extra level of protection. Access management services have experts who are aware of and know how to handle the latest security threats. The access system remains updated and effective without needing to hire a security specialist.

5. Centralized Security Operations

With cloud technology, managing security, access permissions, and video surveillance are streamlined across multiple facilities and locations. Existing management systems, video surveillance, and fire alarms can also be easily integrated into the access management software.

6. Instant, Synchronized Data

With just a few clicks, businesses can see accurate, up-to-date data from each monitored access point. Data is available anytime, from anywhere. Additionally, access permissions and set entry schedules are automatically synched throughout the network. Then, customized reporting options track exactly the data that is important for your decision-makers and provide regular updates right to their inbox.

7. Remote Management

Security activities can be managed remotely. Cloud-based access control allows administrators to review real-time traffic logs, view live video, lock doors, allow entry, respond to alerts from anywhere with an internet connection. Using a mobile phone, tablet, or computer, they have remote control over their commercial security.

8. Flexible Pricing

One of the biggest complaints about traditional access control systems is that they require heavy initial investments in hardware and software, as well as high management and maintenance costs. Cloud-based access control solutions offer more flexibility in terms of price. Subscription payment plans and equipment leasing options decrease the total cost of ownership. Plus, they can result in lower operating costs. This way companies of varying sizes can pick the security system which fits their needs and budget.

9. Better Collaboration

With a web-based system, colleagues can share roles. Different levels of access for security administrators allows various members of the team to divide the responsibilities of access control or take over when the designated manager is out of the office. Cloud management systems can also be easily integrated with the programs and applications that your company already uses. This facilitates operations within the business and can even save time for the staff.

10. Lower IT Expenses

A cloud host for access control helps reduce or eliminate the costs of maintaining local servers and IT equipment, as well as backing up and securing data. Naturally, outsourcing these operations also decreases the number of employees and amount of time needed to carry them out on-site.

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Secure Access Control for Your Commercial Space

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